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20 Cute Pics of Animals + Books, Because Why Not

A big part of being a person who edits content for the internet is sifting through a million billion stock photos. You want a featured image that teases the content of the post, one that’s maybe funny or suggestive or just pleasing to look at. Sometimes you find that one pure and perfect photo right away in a moment of editorial serendipity (behold: himbo perfection). Other times it takes a little “is this too much?” back and forth with the team as you sift through photos of suggestive fruit for a post on lesbian erotica (we went with this one — a plum? pluot? I digress). And then there are days when your eyeballs hurt from the endless scroll because nothing you see is working — my kingdom for more images featuring disabled folks, large bodies, and people of color, or book pics where the book isn’t so obviously the freakin’ Bible.

A thing that very often happens in the midst of that search is coming across adorable photos of animals and books. Sadly, it would appear the photo gods are hating-ass haters who only show me these photos when they have absolutely nothing to do with the post I’m scheduling. Oh, you’re working on a post about slasher books? Here’s this teeny tiny guinea pig perched on a pile of books. You’re editing a piece on YA workplace romances? Look, a Boston terrier in a knit sweater! I made an offhand comment to the other editors earlier this week bemoaning my inability to do anything with all of this cute, and Kelly gave me the brilliant idea to share these images with all of you. Is this a departure from our usual content? Yes. Do I think we could all use this serotonin boost in this helluva timeline? Also yes.

So here I am, coming out of “writing” retirement to bless your life with some cute and some funny. Enjoy!

“If I move very, very slowly, no one will notice I’m going to buy more books.”

When no one warned you that the dog dies in this one…. I’m sorry, lil’ dude. You get those hugs.

I would give my life for this kitty. My life!

I would give my life twice!

I will never possess as much style, sauce, or sophistication as this doggo and its person, and I’m gonna need a human-sized version of that sweater.

I just gave this kitten my social security number and credit cards. Ruin me, you pint of perfection!

Is he moderating a book club? Addressing his congregation? Delivering a dissertation? Sharing hair care tips? I don’t care. I love him.

Reader, thou art judged.

When your favorite subject is you.

This pup is silently correcting my grammar, and I’m okay with that.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, you best share those books if you love me too.”

I’d smash that subscribe button for sure.

Sweet dreams, tiny pup! You are so much cuter than I am when I drop a hardcover on my face in bed.

I sees a corgi, I includes a corgi. This one is 1000% not paying any attention to whatever that person is reading and that is fine.


Somebody somewhere is lookin’ like a snack. It might actually be a snack. Is that Fancy Feast?!

Just look at this bun. Ugh!

“I wish you would interrupt me again.”


I am deceased: death by cute.

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