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Alison Rhymes – False Start Series Reading Order

ROMANCE-ANGST & TURMOIL ALERT!!! Okay only TWO books so far in this series (not sure if there will be more, or if this will be a duet) but it’s getting all SORTS of buzz (and this one is “throw-your-Kindle” worthy!). YEP. Infidelity issues & a sports star!!!

P.S. It looks like each book is about a different couple, so I’m assuming they can be read as standalones.

Aimee: WOW!!! This book!!! I love a cheating romance to see how the author writes her version on how it turns out!

Which ever the ending takes you on with this story line it’s definitely an emotional roller coaster… she did an awesome job and I definitely shared a few tears with both sides of the story!!!

Lisa: A debut book Broken Play by Alison Rhymes was just released at the end of June. It is a sports romance but is similar theme to what you are looking for. It has gotten some good reviews for being a new author.

Kim: Okay Broken Play was good. I wanted to slap someone 😂.

Aimee: Broken play, was a definite throw your kindle!!

So if you’re up for it, here’s what it’s about:

They have ties that bind.

June grew up in the shadow of her brother and his best friend, Drew McKenna. She stood back while Drew dated his way through high school and college, watching and waiting. Waiting for him to realize he loved her as much as she loved him.

When he did, it was the happiest she’d ever been. Until she found him with another woman only five years after their marriage.

Leaving her husband was a simple decision, but there was no easy way to cut him out of her family. When June receives a fresh start to her career, she also finds what could be a new lease on love. Reality hits Drew with a vengeance.

He wants her back.
She wants to make him suffer.


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