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  • Dream House

    Dream House by Stephanie Fournet

    When Stella Mouton inherits her grandmother’s neglected three-story house, she can’t afford to keep it or keep it up—unless she rents out the rooms. A witch, a waif, and a warrior woman are all welcome.

    The hot geology student is not.

    After walking away from a three-year relationship, Lark Bienvenue needs a place to live. Just until he finishes college. Shacking up with four women, a preschooler, and a guy with head trauma isn’t the smartest thing he’s ever done, but anything is better than moving back home. Literally, anything.

    Besides, the house is huge. It should be easy enough to avoid his roommates— and the gorgeous landlady who seems to hate him on sight.

    Except ignoring a houseful of women is harder than it sounds. And not falling for Stella Mouton?

    Well, that’s just impossible.

    Source: Amazon “products related to this item”

    I saw the word “witch” though I don’t think this is any sort of contemporary fantasy or paranormal in that regard. Looks cute though!

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  • Hooked on You

    Hooked on You by Reon Laudat

    Mistywood Lane neighbors Preston Holmes and Zoe Rollins have been besties since the epitome of friendship meant sharing your Pokéman bubblegum cards.

    Now Zoe is engaged to schoolteacher/up-and-coming assemblage artist Dante Gregory.

    Bucking the norm has been her style, so of course, she sidesteps a traditional wedding party. Dante will have his best man while Zoe taps Preston as her all-purpose “best dude.”

    Preston plans to suck it up and rise to the challenge. However, there’s a hitch. Her “brother from another mother” has caught feelings complicating the plan. He’s torn between his growing physical attraction to Zoe and the need to do what’s right — leaving his bestie to a man who promises to deliver her happily ever after.

    Playa-Playa Preston is unwilling to torpedo a decades-long friendship to scratch a pesky itch.

    He’s made a tough decision and aims to follow through, giving his opinions on cupcakes, flower arrangements, do-it-yourself invitations, and dollar store wedding gowns.

    And where there’s smoke, there’s “Hellfire.”

    Preston is determined to crush his tasks, but is he the best dude in more ways than one?

    Hooked on You is a *slow burn*-best friends-to-lovers romance that contains strong language, bawdy humor, and sexy times.

    Source: @LeniKauffman on Instagram

    Leni is a talented artist and has been doing a lot of super cute cover art in romance. I have a feeling this cover hits a lot of catnip (pun intended) for the Bitchery.

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    We also may use affiliate links in our posts, as
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  • Tale of the Drunken Sword

    Tale of the Drunken Sword by Jeannie Lin

    A Tang Dynasty martial arts fantasy from bestselling author Jeannie Lin

    Lu Yan is a hard-drinking, womanizing scholar on a crooked path to enlightenment. When a mysterious woman at a roadside inn warns him of an approaching horde of demons, it’s time for Lu Yan to sober up and discover what he’s made of. Now if he could only find his sword…

    This is a short story ~26 pages in length

    Source: @JeannieLin on Twitter

    Jeannie Lin is an auto-buy for a lot of readers here and this is a very short historical fantasy romance story.

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    We also may use affiliate links in our posts, as
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  • Tripping Arcadia

    Tripping Arcadia by Kit Mayquist

    From debut author Kit Mayquist, a propulsive and atmospheric modern Gothic with all the splendor of The Great Gatsby . . . and all the secrets, lies, and darkness that opulence can hide.

    Med school dropout Lena is desperate for a job, any job, to help her parents, who are approaching bankruptcy after her father was injured and laid off nearly simultaneously. So when she is offered a position, against all odds, working for one of Boston’s most elite families, the illustrious and secretive Verdeaus, she knows she must accept it—no matter how bizarre the interview or how vague the job description.

    By day, she is assistant to the family doctor and his charge, Jonathan, the sickly, poetic, drunken heir to the family empire, who is as difficult as his illness is mysterious. By night, Lena discovers the more sinister side of the family, as she works overtime at their lavish parties, helping to hide their self-destructive tendencies . . . and trying not to fall for Jonathan’s alluring sister, Audrey. But when she stumbles upon the knowledge that the Verdeau patriarch is the one responsible for the ruin of her own family, Lena vows to get revenge—a poison-filled quest that leads her further into this hedonistic world than she ever bargained for, forcing her to decide how much—and who—she’s willing to sacrifice for payback.

    The perfect next read for fans of Mexican Gothic, Tripping Arcadia is a page-turning and shocking tale with an unforgettable protagonist that explores family legacy and inheritance, the sacrifices we must make to get by in today’s world, and the intoxicating, dangerous power of wealth.

    Source: @KMayquist on Twitter

    Sapphic Gothic horror set in Boston. Also, look at the artwork in the tweet. Absolutely gorgeous!

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    As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

    We also may use affiliate links in our posts, as
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