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Boo’s Shoes – A Rabbit and Fox Story: Learn To Tie Shoelaces

  A Rabbit and Fox Story:

          Learn To Tie Shoelaces

By Sybrina Durant Illustrated by Pumudi Gardiyawasam

Learning how to tie shoelaces? We all know it is not easy growing up. All the things you need to learn as a child. Among the Potty Training, using a fork and spoon and then there is those dreaded shoelaces. One of the many things a young child needs to learn is how to tie tying shoelacestheir shoelaces. These days it is very easy to go years without having to learn that little life trick. I know a certain young lady that loved her Velcro sneakers. She did not see the need to wearing shoes with laces. BUT! sooner or later you have to get with the program and learn to tie your shoes yourself.

With so many ways to tie shoes, the single loop, double loop, or double knot. The double knot is the easiest, single loop is the most challenging. But really they are all challenging to a young mind.

Enter BOO The Bunny

Author Sybrina Durant has written an adorable little book titled Boo’s Shoes: A Rabbit and Fox Story – Learn To Tie Shoelaces

You see Boo the Bunny had all kinds of shoes. From Flip Flops to his favorite Cowboy Boots. But none had shoelaces.

He was perfectly happy with all his shoe he could easily slip on and off. But his friend Farah Fox said he should  start wearing shoes with laces and should learn to tie his shoelaces by himself.

With Sybrina Durant’s new book” Boo’s Shoes – A Rabbit and Fox Story: Learn To Tie Shoelaces” you will find a fun way to teach your child this new skill’ The book it beautifully illustrated by Pumudi Gardiyawasam.

I like the way she uses to different color laces to make it easier for the kids. Sabrina has come up with a cute little song to sing while learning .

If you’re looking for a great way for your little kiddie to learn how to tie their shoes check out  The Rabbit and The Fox Book Store



No Laces! That’s what Boo, the bunny, always says. He doesn’t want to learn to tie them. He has plenty of shoes for every occasion and none of them have laces or strings. So, what’s the point of learning to tie? His friend, Farah Fox, convinces him that it’s a skill he can use. . . and one that might make him happier, too.


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