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Brian’s New Jersey Garden – FineGardening

Brian Coleman, a self-described Iowa boy stuck in suburban New Jersey, grows a wonderful array of unusual and beautiful plants in his garden, many in them in hypertufa containers that he makes himself.

small pink flowers in a rock gardenPulsatilla ambigua (Zones 4–8) is pink, compact, and a very welcome early bloomer. Pulsatilla is a big genus, with many wonderful species native to North America, Europe, and Asia.

white Allium flowersAt the other end of the gardening year is Allium thunbergii ‘Album’ (Zones 4–9), one of the last perennials to bloom in Brian’s garden. Most of the popular Allium species grown in the garden are spring or summer bloomers, but this one waits to the very end of the gardening season to put on a show.

pitcher plants next to spires of white flowersBrian makes bog planters for special plants that love those conditions. Here, in the fall, the leaves of pitcher plants (Sarracenia, Zones 5–9) are fading, but the spires of lady tresses orchids (Spiranthes cernua, Zones 5–9) are in full bloom.

various plants that grow in wet conditionsFresh yellow pitcher plants (Sarracenia flava, Zones 5–9) grow alongside the incredible blooms of pink calopogon orchid (Zones 3–9). Despite their exotic look, these pitcher plants and orchids are native to North America and require boggy conditions to thrive.

small, light pink flowers in a containerBrian’s many hypertufa containers are perfect spots to show off special, tiny plants like this Saponaria pumilio (Zones 5–8).

hypertufa containers full of low-growing plantsBrian has a hypertufa collection on the driveway. These handmade planters make great homes for alpine plants and just get more beautiful as they age and acquire a patina of moss.

plant with nodding light purple flowersThis incredible Haberlea rhodopensis (Zones 5–8) in full bloom has been in this planter for seven years, blooming more each year. This unusual plant is actually a hardy perennial relative of the familiar houseplant the African violet.

small dark purple flowersThe lovely blooms of Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. Bohemica (Zones 4–8) are of the darkest possible purple.

hypertufa containers of various sizes and shapesNew hypertufa pots that Brian made are ready to go to their new homes.

succulents next to tiny white flowersThe developing flower spikes of Orostachys iwarenge (Zones 5–9) lie next to a spray of white flowers from Gypsophila franzii (Zones 4–9).

If you want to see more of Brian’s garden, check out his instagram: @barrow_works


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