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Comments From My Blog Readers

Down through the years, my blog readers have submitted over 200 comments to my blogs.  And I will share some of their comments with you today.  Some of the readers who left comments were children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of people that I wrote about in my blogs.  I should note, however, that the percentage of readers who left comments was just a mere fraction of the actual readership of the blogs.

The number of views in the chart above are page views.   They represent how many times a blog is visited.  It includes visits to the blog by bots.  The number of comments per se are the moderated comments that I have approved for publication on the blogs.  Comments from spammers I deleted.

I was displaced, all right!  My wife and I were in Hawaii watching some of our grandchildren, while their father, a weatherman in the U. S. Air Force, was deployed to Iraq.  My life, at the time, was basically on hold.  Because of heart problems, I had to quit my job the previous year as a mail carrier for the U. S. Post Office.  And I was still anxiously waiting for my disability retirement to be approved.  My life as a bibliophile was on hold as well.  I actually thought that this bibliomaniac was retiring!  In December 2006, I resigned as President of the Florida Bibliophile Society.  I said farewell to the members to the members of the society.  And I said farewell to bibliomania

 But this bibliomaniac could not retire!  No siree!  Books were in my blood!  I began buying books again while I was still in Hawaii..  And write about them I did!  It is now fourteen years later, and I am collecting books and still writing about them.  

My first post to My Sentimental Library blog on Oct 5, 2009, An Unexpected Find in Umatilla, Florida, garnered three comments within the first week it was published. 


 My Nov 24, 2014 post, The Early Editions of the Elements of Style, elicited 3 comments, one from the son of Wendell Smith, who sold a Thrift Press edition of The Elements of Style to me, and two comments from Jerry Morris; but only one of the two was from me!

Julius Hopp was my grandfather, though he died about two decades before I was born. My mother was Harriet Hopp, my aunt was Beatrice. I have a brother and a cousin, and there are other descendants. Julius married Esther Markowitz, who was at least 20 years his junior. It was not a good marriage from the start. You can contact me. I cannot believe you got this on eBay. What sent you on this search?

Rivkah Lapidus daughter of Harriet Hopp

Grandpa thanks. This is a very rough time and I really appreciate it that you made this in memory of him

Thank you once again

Readers of My Sentiment Library blog left comments on 67 of the 129 blog posts that I published.  My Jan 30, 2011 post,  Arthur Schlesinger’s Bookplate: The Whole Picture, drew the most comments.



Sometimes I learn a thing or two from my readers.  In his comment to Memories of Things Experienced and Things Missed, the RLS scholar Robert-Louis Abrahamson suggested a book that would go hand in hand with Will H. Low’s annotated copy of Stevenson’s Across the Plains.



         subject:  the boke of troy

Dear Jerry, 

I suspect that the G.W.S. who assailed Quaritch in the New York Tribune was the Tribune’s London correspondent George William Smalley. You also illustrate the entry from Quaritch’s Catalogue 342 (i.e. part IV of the General Catalogue). I attach a scan of my own copy of this catalogue, formerly owned by the Earl of Crawford, and appreciatively characterized. There are a few notes and one or two ticks (of interest?) but nothing for The Boke of Troy. (Peter Howard) Serendipity Books and myself jointly bought the remaining stock and reference library of Bill Wreden some 20 years ago, and this was one item I kept for myself — too good to sell!

Yours sincerely,
Ian Jackson, Berkeley

I am grateful for all the comments I have received from my readers. And keep them coming!

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