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Did You See the Season 2 Bridgerton Trailer?

Bridgerton Season 2 with Kate, Anthony and edwina standing with croquet mallets while winston peeks from below Kate's gown


I remember in December 2020, watching episode 2 and 3 of Bridgerton season 1 on the treadmill, running out of steam, and sitting down on the floor next to the treadmill to keep watching.

My son asked, “Mom, why are you watching your phone on the floor?”

“I got tired.”

I also remember the feeling of awe that, as I wrote in our discussion postthis is what it’s like when romance fiction is adapted for film with a truly opulent budget.

I know from my conversation with Julia Quinn that the series has been renewed for two more seasons, and I know many people are very excited for season 2, which arrives March 25 on Netflix.


Have you seen the season 2 trailer?

I have three thoughts:

  1. Few people can roll an R like Julie Andrews.
  2. I want to know all about the meeting in wardrobe where many, many fine white fabrics were drenched to see which one worked the best. (I’m also curious which specific fabric won the contest). What was that meeting like? Are there minutes? I’d like a wet fabric deep dive nerdy investigation please. Was it lawn? Muslin? Silk? Wait, a custom blend? I bet it was a custom woven fabric. I hope someone shares the details. (Fabric is fascinating, seriously.)
  3. Simone Ashley has outstanding skill with one eyebrow and a glare and I love it.

What about you? Are you looking forward to Bridgerton Part Deux, Wet Shirt Bugaloo?

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