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Friday Finds & Reader Recommendations – 03-25-2022

 <—- OKAY IT’S READY AND AWESOME!!! In fact I have a few CLASSICS in my “Blasts from the Past” section that had my heart soaring. it’s 9:32am and it’s time to build our list, and even though I’ve JUST started it, I’m publishing it now, ’cause if that one to the left is the only thing I post, I’m thrilled anyway!! IT JUST WENT LIVE & is already #47 on all of Amazon Kindle and it’s JEWEL E. ANN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeee!!! 😀

Mona: The new Jewel E. Ann, “What Lovers Do” is scheduled for release on March 24. I always love her books! ❤️

Linda: Click! This makes me so happy!! Thanks Mona!! Thanks Maryse!!

Lisa A: And might I add that I was fortunate enough to get an early copy and it is pure Jewel E Ann perfection. I think Shep is my new favorite – knocking Grocery Story Guy down a notch.! And this has everything, quirky awkward character, fantastically funny banter, a wee bit of angst, and swoon worthy romance!!!

Mona: Thanks Lisa! I can’t wait to read it!

Mony: Yay!!



  • What Lovers Do by Jewel E. Ann <— THE LATEST BY JEWEL E ANN ALERT!!!! SHE FRIEND-ZONED HIM!! P.S. LISA ALREADY READ IT AND LOVED IT! “...Everyone loves Shep, the charismatic employee at Scottsdale’s newest pet store. He has shared custody of his two dogs with his annoying ex-wife and a smile that can disarm most women. Except … Dr. Sophie Ryan.  What starts out as a disastrous first meeting, involving a coffee catastrophe and mistaken flirting, turns into an unconventional friendship. Fake phone sex. Dog park dates. And eighteen holes of golf.  The problem? Sophie’s taken herself out of the dating pool for a mysterious reason, imprisoning Shep in the friend zone for eternity...”

Lisa A: And might I add that I was fortunate enough to get an early copy and it is pure Jewel E Ann perfection. I think Shep is my new favorite – knocking Grocery Story Guy down a notch! And this has everything, quirky awkward character, fantastically funny banter, a wee bit of angst, and swoon worthy romance!!!

Mona: I finished What Lovers Do by Jewel E. Ann last night. I can never put her books down! I totally agree with Lisa A, from the awkward but hilarious first meeting, to the quick-wit conversations, I was laughing and smiling through most of the book. I kept re-reading the interactions because they were so funny! Of course, Ms. Ann will never let you go without a tear or two. This will definitely be on a lot of Best Book lists for 2022 and was a 5 star for me!

Kathy: I just finished The Everything Series by A.K. Evans. The books involve four girl friends from California who find romance with a group of friends who are snowboarders. If you liked Ride by Kristy Harper Dallas, it had some of the same feels. I binge read it and now am going to start another series which is a spin off of it.

Mony: Hey Kathy, I loved Ride. So definitely will be checking out this series. I’m always on the lookout for good surfing & snowboarder romances. Thank you!

Lisa M: I just finished King’s Captive. I loved it!! I have a book hangover!!

Joy: Hi Maryse! I’ve become hooked on Serena Akeroyd for the past three weeks.

I started with her Satan’s Sinners MC series and am now reading the Filthy Feckers (Irish Mob) series. They intertwine for a broader experience, but I was so caught up in the Sinners that I was too impatient to go along with the reading order, lol. I wish I had, because now I keep going back into the Sinners to read over all parts about The Five Points. It’s a really good storyline and will intertwine with 2 other factions (The Hell’s Rebels and another mafia family).

There’s definitely a fair amount of steam, but I’m more interested in the growing relationships between the characters and their women and how the 5 factions work at containing a common threat that is immersed in various nations and organizations!

  • Shut Up And Kiss Me (Happy Endings Book 2) by Lauren Blakely <— LAUREN BLAKELY’S LATEST!!! STUCK IN THE HOTEL ROOM WITH HIM (HER BEST FRIEND)!! “…after a night of epic, soul-shattering banging, I’ll have to wrestle the sex genie back into the bottle the next morning when I get the big news. Nolan and I just landed a once-in-a-lifetime for our scrappy online restaurant review show. We’re going to New York for a month and we’ll be together in a hotel all the time...”
  • Flustering Ford (Shore Thing Book 3) by Jaclyn Quinn
  • Monsters in Love: Lost in the Labyrinth: A Paranormal Monster Romance Anthology by Evangeline Priest , Vivienne Hart
  • Seducing Shadows (Fae Revealed Book 2) by Katie May and Quinn Arthurs
  • Five of a Kind: Kind Brothers Book 5 by Sandi Lynn <— SANDI LYNN’S LATEST!! HE JUST MET HIS REAL FATHER… AND ALSO HER. “…After the sudden passing of my mother, I found out who my father really was. A man named Henry Kind, whom she had a brief affair with all those years ago. A man who left her to start a family with another woman. I was his blood, his son, and he was going to know exactly who I was when the time was right. But I needed to devise a plan to work my way into my newly found family’s lives. Buying a house down the beach from them was a start, and so was charming a beautiful woman who was close to them—a woman who was unbelievably sexy in so many ways. I’d use her to get to them, gain their trust, and take over my father’s company…”
  • The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley <— WHAT TASHA J LOVED (AND IS NOW READING!!)

Tasha J: I finished The Paris Apartment over the weekend and loved it. I’d say the last maybe 70/80% had me on edge. So many twists!

Now have begun digging into The Book of Cold Cases and liking it so far.

So, I just watched the trailer for Where the Crawdads Sing and I dk why I’ve dragged my feet so long on it. I think I wasn’t in the mood for an emotional read, but that trailer got me. I have to get it in before July.



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Aimee: OMG!!! I just listened to WHEN ASHES FALL by Marni Mann

The tears!! The angst, the not knowing!!! Sooooo Goooood!! Sooooo sadddd!!! 5****

I remember this one from a couple of years ago but relistened to it and it was so good! The narrators were some of the best!!!

PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )

  1. The Detective’s Daughter by Erica Spindler – March 29th 2022
  2. Just One Wish: A Kingston Family Novella by Carly Phillips – March 29th 2022
  3. Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto – March 29th 2022
  4. How to Be a Wallflower: A Would-Be Wallflowers Novel by Eloisa James – March 29th 2022

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