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Gardening in Pennsylvania – FineGardening

Today Bob and Linda Vivian are sharing their Pennsylvania garden with us.

There’s plenty of garden here to keep Linda and me busy. We don’t mind it at all. It’s a labor of love. I think it keeps us young even in our “golden” years. It gets us up each morning.

small patio seating area in the gardenA morning’s coffee pause before heading out to the garden beyond. That small triangle at the “Y” of the paths is the site of my new Japanese-style garden, completed last fall. Pictures of that garden will soon follow.

large deep pink peony flowersThis is PaeoniaMorning Lilac’ (Zones 3–9), one of the Itoh hybrid peonies. Itohs give you the beauty of herbaceous peonies and the strong stems and bloom size of tree peonies. Just cut them to the ground in fall and they’ll be back late next May.

garden bench in a shady spot in the gardenThis is the coolest spot in the garden, even on a hot August afternoon. Would that I could have more time to pause here.

large hosta with lime green variegationThis hosta is electric even after sundown. It made me cringe to dig it up and divide it, but it is doing fine in its new locations.

stone path through the garden surrounded by shrubs and perennialsHere is a short passage between the front entry walk and the perennial garden in back. Itoh peonies and roses, not yet in bloom, reside there.

grass path with garden beds on both sides full of trees and shrubsThis is the scene that made me first realize, years ago, that I actually had a garden. Along with the boxwoods (Buxus, Zones 5–9), there is my very favorite tree on the immediate right, the fringe tree (Chionanathus virginicus, Zones 3–9). To the back is a kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa, Zones 5–8), and a variegated Viburnum to the left.

stone front steps with lots of plants on both sidesThe front walk was years in the making. The stepping stones were a major task. The plantings on either side are a jungle.


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