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Gerry Anyanwu and Charlotte Williams

This episode is fascinating and important in equal measures. I’m joined by Gerry Anyanwu and Charlotte Williams who are fighting for true diversity in the beauty industry and beyond and are here to tell us what’s going wrong and how we can make our businesses and brands truly diverse.

Gerry is the founder of the Uncommon Collective, an organisation that helps young people and “supports different faces to thrive in different places via grass roots and engagement and direct representation”.

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Together Charlotte and Gerry talk about how it feels to be the only black person in the room, how brands need to stop paying lip service to diversity and work from the ground up and how in order to truly understand each other we need to diversify our teams. There’s so much more to the’s funny shocking and in places challenging.

I hope you get as much out of this episode as I did from talking to these two amazing women.

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