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Grace & Fury by Tracy Banghart – Right Writing Words

Title: Grace & Fury (Grace & Fury, #1)
Author: Tracy Banghart
Release Date: 31 July 2018
Rating: 3/5 stars

Hello lovely readers!

“It isn’t a choice when you don’t have the freedom to say no. A yes doesn’t mean the same thing when it’s the only answer you’re allowed.”

Grace & Fury is a product of the era where YA books were mass-produced.

It sports many familiar tropes, storylines, and themes of the YA genre, and frankly, most of the prominent themes have been exhausted and overdone. Feminist themes are woven into the story but in ways we have seen before and the plot twist was one I could see coming from the beginning.

But that does not mean that I didn’t enjoy the book.

Its plot is a mix of The Selection and Red Queen and was quite easy to predict. It was a fun and easy read, and instead of coming across as an epic fantasy adventure, it’s a bite-sized fantasy that will suit some better. Some fantasy novels start off with heavy world-building and exposition, but this book avoids that, which makes it perfect for first-time fantasy readers.

Despite the storyline being familiar to many, the book tries hard to find its own identity in its own original setting.

A prison island filled with exiled women who compete for survival under cruel circumstances is something that intrigued me. Reading about these exiled characters made it easier for me to develop some sympathy for them.

That being said, most characters were flat and defined by a singular character trait. Nomi was definitely the liveliest of the bunch and I enjoyed her perspective the most.

To some, this would be a boring read that doesn’t really bring something new to the genre.

To others (like me), it might be a comforting read, a nostalgic reminder of a genre that readers had devoured a few years ago.

That’s it!

What’s your favorite YA trope?

Till we meet again!
Xx Alexia

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