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HaBO: Receptionist by Day, Sex Worker by Night

Help A Bitch Out

This HaBO comes from Aleksandra, who is looking for this romance:

I’ve been looking for this novel for years. Sometimes I even think I imagined it…

I read it in the 90s. If I remember correctly the cover was white with some green or dark blue. I think it was written by a British author (I borrowed it from the British Council Library and they used to lend only books by British authors) and I have an impression the story was settled in London. The main character is an exclusive call girl. In the past she was kind of saved from the street and trained by an aging call-girl, who then passed our heroine her own customers. On a daily basis the main character is inconspicuous, dresses rather unattractively, and works as a dentist/doctor receptionist as a kind of a cover.

There must have been some crime, because there was a policeman involved, who discovered her double personality. He was also attracted to her and tried to build some relationship with her. I think at the end they get together. Any ideas?

Can we find this older title?

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