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HaBO: Roommates Share a Bed When Power Goes Out

Help A Bitch Out

This HaBO is from Ariel who wants to find a book they recently read:

I recently came across a book, probably a week or two ago, on my Kindle app.

The book features a female main character, and she lives with a male roommate. I believe the roommate was considered “cold” or “mysterious”, and she didn’t know him really well and they did not have much of a relationship. The two however are forced to share a room and a bed to keep warm after their heating/electricity goes out while it’s cold. I’m not sure if it said it was winter, but it was definitely cold out.

The book was a spicy one and the description ends with it being like “What will happen between them?” or something like that.

Please help me find it; it’s been driving me crazy.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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