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How to create a beautiful mini meadow garden – The Middle-Sized Garden

June 24th, 2018 Posted In: Town gardens, Wildlife & eco

Do you fancy a mini meadow garden?

I’ve seen several beautiful strips of wildflower meadow in show gardens this year. And also in friends’ gardens. Ever since the 2012 London Olympics, meadow gardens have been fashionably on trend.

Meadow garden ideas for small gardens and backyards

Amanda and Julian Mannering’s town garden has a meadow in the centre, measuring about 30ft x 30ft square.

But a middle-sized garden doesn’t have half a mile to fill with meadow flowers and native grasses. So is a mini meadow viable?

If you’d rather see a video than read a blog post, see the mini meadow video version of this on YouTube.

Amanda and Julian Mannering have a square walled garden behind their terraced house (open at the end of June every year for Faversham Open Gardens & Garden Market Day). It’s about 50ft x 60ft – space for borders all round, but not quite enough space to break up in any other way. They had a standard square lawn in the middle, but they weren’t entirely happy with it.

One day a friend stood in the middle and asked ‘what’s this lawn for?’

A meadow garden breaks up the space

So Julian and Amanda decided to turn the middle of the lawn into a mini meadow.

At first, they just mowed out the shape (around 30ft x 30ft square), with a path diagonally through the middle. Then they simply stopped mowing that area.

How to create a wildflower meadow in a small garden or backyard

The mini meadow breaks up the space in the centre of the garden, and is wonderful for wildlife.

Friends told them that would never work, and that they would have to remove the turf.

If you are someone who likes to do things properly, then a mini-meadow does take time and preparation. Consult the RHS or buy a book such as Making a Wildflower Meadow by Pam Lewis or Meadows at Great Dixter and Beyond by Christopher Lloyd and Fergus Garrett.

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Or you can just let the grass grow…

But I have about half a dozen friends with mini meadow gardens. None of them ‘did it properly.’ They all just let the grass grow. But it’s worth knowing that these are all perennial meadows. An annual meadow (see later on in this post) would need the soil to be cleared.

Easy tips for a wildflower meadow in your small garden #gardentips #wildflowers

Artist Helen Kirwan just let her meadow grow out of lawn, mainly to reduce the upkeep of the garden.

When conceptual artist Helen Kirwan let her lawn grow long, she never added seeds or plug plants. Ox-eye daisies ‘came from nowhere,’ she says.

However Amanda and Julian did do some meadow planting over the years: ‘We added some wildflower seeds from Emorsgate Seeds, and watched it all grow up.’ Emorsgate Seeds sell a variety of different meadow seeds for various soil types.

The first year Amanda and Julian mainly saw cowslips and wild carrot emerge, but a wildflower meadow changes every year. The wild carrot seems to have almost disappeared.

You still have to weed a mini meadow garden

Some weeds are very invasive, such as medick, docks, thistles and dandelions.

You will have to weed them out of your meadow garden regularly or they will take over.

Weed a meadow garden - medick will stifle it

Medick spreads everywhere and stifles other plants. It seems particularly prevalent this year. You have to weed it out of meadow gardens.

Sow yellow rattle to weaken the grass

In the second year, Amanda and Julian sowed yellow rattle to weaken the grass, and this has proved to be very good advice. (They should really have sown it in the first year, but luckily nature doesn’t read instructions…)

Sarah Raven says that ‘sowing yellow rattle is the key to a mini meadow.’ That’s because it’s a parasitic plant, and will help reduce the amount of lawn grass you have. More wildflowers can establish themselves in the gaps.

A friend recently asked me why her own mini-meadow seemed to be flopping over with flattened grass. She too had simply allowed lawn turf to grow long. It was too thick and rich. I advised her to add yellow rattle to thin it out.

Add flowers as well as letting them grow

Amanda’s sister-in-law also gave her half a dozen ox-eye daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare) from her own meadow lawn. These have since multiplied into thousands.

Meadow garden ideas and plants for small gardens or backyards #backyard #gardentips

Half a dozen ox-eye daisy plants turned into this – in just two years.

You can get 25 plug plants online from Kiss-my-Grass (Boston Seeds) for £29.50+ delivery.

Amanda and Julian also sowed wild grass seeds, too, to make the original grass more diverse.

So is a meadow garden less work?

Julian and Amanda spend much less time mowing the lawn. ‘It takes about twenty minutes to mow the paths once a week,’ said Amanda. That’s much less time than they spent mowing when the whole garden was a traditional lawn.

But there’s also the weeding, plus – in the early days only – some planting of seeds or appropriate meadow plants.

And they scythe it once a year, usually some time between mid-July and mid-August. ‘We went on a scything course. It takes about half an hour to do, and it’s all fairly easy once you know how. Then you remove the scythed material – don’t leave it lying on the ground or it will add nutrients.’

Perennial meadow garden in July

This photo of the Mannerings’ garden was taken exactly two weeks after the ones with the oxeye daisies. Complete turnaround of flowers!

‘I also rake it occasionally in the winter. Generally, it is a bit less work,’ assessed Amanda. ‘But it’s a different sort of work, and done at different times.’

Which meadow plants to choose

The RHS explains that you need to decide whether you are going to grow a perennial meadow, like Amanda and Julian, or an annual meadow, like my friends who sow seeds every year.

The perennial meadow needs a fairly poor soil, so don’t enrich it. Amanda and Julian’s lawn was well drained, in full sun and hadn’t been fertilised so it was ideal for a perennial meadow, which comes up year after year.

How to create a meadow garden

The gate into Amanda and Julian’s perennial meadow lawn, with its ox-eye daisies in June.

Perennial meadow plants include ox-eye daisies and cowslips.

Annual meadows need richer soil, so they are the right choice if you’re replacing a border with a meadow. Plants for annual meadows include cornflowers, corn poppy, corn marigold and corncockle.

Lucy Chamberlain of the Cottage Garden School posted a video of the annual meadow garden she created. ‘On March 20th we rotavated, let it settle for two weeks, sowed, then raked it in. No watering. The seed was a blend of annual poppy, cornflower, corn marigold and corn chamomile. So incredibly easy to do.’

Annual meadow garden plants are different from perennial meadow gardens.

This is an annual meadow, photographed by Lucy Chamberlain. Her video of it at its peak went viral on Twitter – find it at @HeadGardenerLC.

Amanda has tried to establish cornflowers in her meadow lawn, but so far they’ve failed. She thinks that the slugs have eaten them, but it may be that the soil isn’t rich enough, because it’s a perennial meadow.

It’s worth remembering that an annual meadow has to be replanted every year, while a perennial meadow sorts itself out (up to a point).

The best plants for an annual meadow garden in a flower border or raised bed #gardentips #wildflowers

Annual poppies or Papaver rhoeas growing wild by the beach at Southwold. These are best in an annual meadow garden.

What about meadow gardens instead of flowers in borders?

Friends of mine grow wildflowers successfully in small raised beds. Former borders or raised beds are best for annual meadow plants because the soil is richer. You definitely need to start with clear, weeded soil, and an open sunny bed.

The results can be stunning – 3-4 months of changing colour, from an annual wildflower seed mix.

I hunted for annual wildflower and meadow seed mixes on Amazon. The most popular and best-reviewed was Plantworks 3 m Mini-meadow Easy Sow Wildflower Seed by Empathy. All the seeds are RHS approved ‘Perfect for Pollinators’.

And Empathy also make Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi.  This is a powder (endorsed by the RHS) which you scatter into the planting hole and which helps roots get established, improving take-up of nutrients and water. I’ve used Rootgrow on all my plantings this year, and so far everything is looking super-healthy.

Or try a ‘meadow effect border’

At BBC Gardeners World Live 2021, garden designer Tina Worboys won ‘Best Border’ for her meadow border. This was a mix of meadow flowers and cottage garden flowers that look like meadow flowers.

Meadow border flowers

Tina Worboys’ meadow border contains a mix of meadow and border flowers, such as gaura.

For example, she had cornflowers which are meadow flowers. And she mimicked cow parsley by using ammi, a similar looking flower.

The effect was very pretty and pollinator friendly. Tina grew all the plants herself from seed.

See here for more inspiration for your garden from BBC Gardeners World Live.

Should you buy plug plants?

Plug plants get your mini wildflower meadow off to a more definite start, as you can plan which plants to put in. The ones that do well in your area will do well, and others may not.

A quick meadow garden

Hugh and Fiona Boucher let their lawn grass grow long, and added plug plants. Some other flowers have also seeded themselves in the meadow.

But at least the ones that do well will naturalise, so it should just be a one-off investment. Obviously, this is more expensive than seed.

Plug plants combine with self-seeded wild flowers to create a mini meadow

Ox-eye daisies and long grasses in the Bouchers’ meadow lawn

However, in a small area, it’s relatively inexpensive and you’ll get a more instant effect.

You can get wildflower meadow plug plants from   and Marshalls.

Or wildflower meadow mats?

‘Meadow turf mats’ take alot of the guesswork out of growing a meadow. I found several companies who do this, including  Turf Online and Wildflower Turf,

Can you plant a mini meadow anywhere?

The key is being in full sun and having well drained soil. Very shady corners aren’t suitable for a mini wildflower meadow.

There are meadow turf mats and wildflower seed mixes which will grow in dappled shade, but you have to specifically select them. For example, The Grass People have a shaded area meadow mix. You won’t be able to grow a meadow of any size in a very shady patch.

And Meadowmat have a Woodland Shade Wildflower Turf. It’s a pre-grown mat,  costing £42 a square metre, of wildflowers, and grasses that are happy to grow in partial or dappled shade.

There are also other options if you don’t want a conventional lawn.

The delightful Abbey Physic Garden is also in Faversham Open Gardens & Garden Market Day. It has just planted small sections of chamomile lawn by a new bench, and is cultivating a small patch of ‘grass-free lawn’ on the other side. There are lots of wonderful wildflower or eco-gardening ideas at the Abbey Physic and it’s a beautiful garden to visit.

The Abbey Physic Garden

The patch of green in the middle on the left, in front of the bench, is a newly planted chamomile lawn at the Abbey Physic Garden.

More about wildlife and eco-friendly small gardens:

If you’re interested in sustainable gardening, then I can recommend Charles Dowding’s books and videos on organic, no dig garden. Read this to find out why it is an easy, weed-free and brilliant way of gardening.

And read this to discover a way of controlling weeds in borders without chemicals.  This has useful resources if you’d like to know more about what makes a good wildlife garden.

And read this if you’d like to try allowing more self-seeded plants to grow in your border. Although if you’re good at keeping your garden weed-free, you may want to read about self-seeded vs weeds first!

If you’re generally interested in sustainable living, and would like to know how to be more eco-friendly in your garden, then here is a useful sustainable garden checklist.

And water is essential in a wildlife-friendly garden. Even if you only have a small garden, consider making a mini pond.

I also recommend the New Wild Garden by Ian Hodgson if you’re interested in naturalistic styles of planting and pollinator-friendly plants. It recommends a wide range of plants suitable for smaller gardens with guidance on how to plant and look after them.

How to create a wildflower and wildlife patch in your small garden #backyard #wildlifegardening

Wildflower and wildlife patch in the Abbey Physic Garden

Faversham Open Gardens & Garden Market Day is the last Sunday in June

Amanda and Julian’s meadow garden and the Abbey Physic Garden are open for Faversham Open Gardens & Garden Market Day which is held on the last Sunday in June every year.

Shop here for my favourite gardening books, tools and products

I’m often asked for recommendations. What tools should you buy? What’s a good gardening book to give a friend? How can you minimise the use of single use plastics in the garden?

So I’ve put together some lists of products I use myself and have found good, and you can find them on The Middlesized Garden’s Amazon store.

Pin to remember mini meadow tips:

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Whether you want a mini meadow garden lawn or a wildflower border, here's what you need to know about wildflower meadows for small gardens.

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