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Jemma Sawyer: Reclaiming Female Pleasure

In this episode I’m entering a new and forward thinking world of female pleasure where everything for women is designed by women….I’m meeting Jemma Sawyer, the amazing entrepreneur and founder of the truly empowering female health and pleasure platform Iloh.

Jemma who has spent years exploring FemTech and the innovation in the female pleasure space, decided to provide a platform that is without shame or guilt and describes ILOH as a community for women to explore their sexual health,

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Jemma and I chat about her journey and inspiration and why she thinks that it is so important for women to lead the way in this arena. I also talk about some of the products featured on Iloh and why they’re so fabulous. This is the episode for you if you’re looking to explore opportunities for your own pleasure or just want inspiration from a woman who had a great business idea and made it happen. Enjoy :0)

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