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Latest Romance Book Releases – 03-22-2022

10:29am UPDATE!!! HAPPY TUESDAY NEW RELEASE DAY EVERYONE!!! While I build this list, I’d love to know what you’re reading, or what you’re looking forward to reading. 🙂 Or watching. I’m enjoying some shows, too. Though I’m struggling with the darkness that is Euphoria, so I took a break. I know, right? Me, the horror fanatic (struggling with a show about teenagers)… but that’s a whole different ballgame.

Anyway keep checking back, I’ve got a few more hours of adding to do. 🙂

BLURB JOLTS: Wright that Got Away (she was in love with him in high school, and now he’s the most famous rock star!) Here, There and Everywhere (older man that she has feelings for but he won’t pursue her…) Married by Sunday (opposites attract!!! Or do they?)

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  1. Quicksilver (Crossbreed Series Book 11) by Dannika Dark <— DANNIKA DARK ALERT!! A WINTER BALL & THEN CHAOS ENSUES! “...In the world of crime fighting, Raven has learned that formal affairs are a necessary evil. So when Keystone receives an invitation to a winter ball, she tries to make the best of it. The most powerful elites in Cognito are attending—a perfect opportunity to network and have a few drinks. But when a guest hijacks the party in a violent display of dark power, chaos ensues. It’s a race against time as Raven searches for a way to thwart his diabolical plan…”


  1. Lucifer’s Sin (Walker Security: Lucifer’s Trilogy Book 1) by Lisa Renee Jones <— SHE NO LONGER CONSIDERS HERSELF HI WOMAN… “…A man with a past. The only woman he has ever loved. Someone wants her dead. That someone is about to find out that yes, he is Lucifer when you dare to threaten his woman. Even if she doesn’t call herself that now. He does. But all he ever really wanted to be was Luke—the man worthy of her love…”
  2. Here, There and Everywhere: A Butler, Vermont Novel by Marie Force <— AGE GAP!!! OLDER MAN/YOUNGER WOMAN & HE JUST WON’T PURSUE HER!! “…Isabella Coleman wasn’t looking for love when she attended her cousin Wade’s wedding in Boston, but she hadn’t counted on the bride’s father, Cabot Lodge. He’s older, wiser and one of the most handsome, charming and funny men she’s ever met. Izzie is instantly smitten, and after a wonderful time at the wedding, she’s certain she’ll hear from Cabot again soon. But she doesn’t hear a word from him until she’s back in Boston and invites him to dinner. After yet another fantastic time together, she’s once again optimistic—and once again disappointed when she gets nothing but silence from him…”
  3. Married by Sunday (A Soul Mates in Romeo Romance) by Sarah Ready <— POLAR OPPOSITES MEET ON THE TRAIN! “…Nathaniel Barry is monochromatic, meticulous, and uptight. Izzy Harris is wild, unpredictable, and free-spirited. Nathaniel has a trendy apartment, a successful career, and a girlfriend he’s about to propose to. Izzy has no home, no career, and nobody special to hold her down. They’re polar-opposites in every way. So when they sit next to each other on the train to Romeo, New York they clash from the very start...”
  4. Starlight (The Morgans of New York Book 2) by Deborah Bladon <— HE THREW A KEY INTO HER GUITAR CASE!! “…When Berk Morgan tosses a handful of coins into my guitar case, he accidentally throws in a key. It’s the key to someone’s heart. Berk comes looking for it. What he finds is a connection neither of us can deny. He tells me I’m his star. He wants me to shine brighter than I ever have before, but that comes with a sacrifice I’m not sure I can make…”
  5. Wright that Got Away by K.A. Linde <— HER HIGH SCHOOL CRUSH IS A HUGE FAMOUS ROCK STAR NOW! “…Campbell Abbey is the lead singer of the biggest band in the universe right now. He’s also the boy I fell in love with in high school when no one knew my name. Now, I have a million followers, teach girls every day how to love themselves and get over that boy that wronged them. If only I could take my own advice…”
  6. Driving Force: An Elite Guardians Novel (Elite Guardians Collection Book 1) by Lynette Eason and Kate Angelo
  7. The Book of Luke: Earthquake (The Gems & Gents Series) by Iris Bolling
  8. VENGEANCE: Snow and the Vengeful Reapers: 50 Loving States, Nebraska (Ruthless MC Book 4) by Theodora Taylor
  9. The Secret: A Single in Seattle Novel by Kristen Proby <— KRISTEN PROBY ALERT!! CELEBRITY IS FORBIDDEN TO HER!! “…I grew up in a family full of wealthy celebrities. My father, Luke Williams, is the celebrity of all celebrities. A superstar actor and producer, my father knows the downside of living in the spotlight. And because of that, he sheltered my siblings and me from everything Hollywood entailed. We didn’t attend premieres. We weren’t photographed. There were no friendships with other celebrities’ children. The limelight couldn’t touch us...”
  10. The Perks of Being a Parker (Moonbeam Bay Book 6) by Kay Correll
  11. Always on my Mind (Magnolia Sound Book 10) by Samantha Chase
  12. Whispers of Skye Cottage (Highland Love Series Book 6) by Sage Parker
  13. The Oceanography of the Moon: A Novel by Glendy Vanderah <— AUTHOR MEETS THIS ECCENTRIC FAMILY!! “…now twenty-one, Riley feels too confined by the protective walls she’s erected around herself. When a stranger enters her family’s remote world, Riley senses something he’s hiding, a desire to escape that she understands well.  Suffering from writer’s block, bestselling novelist Vaughn Orr has taken to the country roads when he happens upon the accommodating, if somewhat unusual, Mays family. He’s soon captivated by their eccentricities...”
  14. Last Resort by Amelia Wilde
  15. Lost Before You (Rockport Skies Book 6) by Grace Meyers
  16. Lust (A Sinful Empire Trilogy Book 2) by Eva Charles
  17. Game Changer (Field Party) by Abbi Glines <— ABBI GLINES ALERT!! THEY BOTH WANT TO LEAVE!! “…When Asa and Ezmita cross paths that night, neither of them is in the mood to socialize. But they also feel this undeniable chemistry, one that gives them each hope that better days lie ahead. Then Asa is sent away to live with his grandmother for four months, only to return to Lawton and find out Ezmita has moved on. Still, the sparks between Asa and Ezmita linger. Neither of them has forgotten the way they felt seen by the other at their lowest points...”
  18. Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell: A Novel by Taj McCoy <— SHE’S RENOVATING... “…Starting from the outside in, Savvy tackles her crumbling kitchen, her relationship with her body, her work–life balance (or lack thereof) and, last but not least, her love life. The only thing that doesn’t seem to require effort is her ride-or-die squad of friends. But as any home-reno-show junkie can tell you, something always falls apart during renovations. First, Savvy passes out during hot yoga. Then it turns out that the contractor she hires is the same sexy stranger she unintentionally offended by judging based on appearances. Worst of all, Savvy can’t seem to go anywhere without tripping over her ex and his latest “upgrade.”…”



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  1. Here, There and Everywhere: A Butler, Vermont Novel by Marie Force
  2. Wright that Got Away by K.A. Linde
  3. The Oceanography of the Moon: A Novel by Glendy Vanderah
  4. Game Changer (Field Party) by Abbi Glines
  5. Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell: A Novel by Taj McCoy
  6. The Secret: A Single in Seattle Novel by Kristen Proby

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