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Latest Romance Book Releases – 04-12-2022

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!! TODAY’S LIST IS WELL ON ITS WAY, but I have another hour or so of adding, then an awesome “Skye Warren” feature, and my newsletter!! Stay tuned. 😉 Er… Do we “tune” online? LOL!! 😂

BLURB JOLTS: Just the Two of Us (marital strife in lockdown!!) Runaway (runaway bride from a billionaire), The No-Show (the strangers got stood up by the same guy!!) Funny You Should Ask (she has to write about her celebrity crush, and all hell broke loose), Ten Trends to Seduce Your Bestfriend (they are just acquaintances and total opposites, and she can barely stand him, but they’re “fake best friends”) Show Me Forever (her new landlord & neighbor and she’s not find of him… sort of. 😉 ) and In My Dreams I Hold a Knife: A Novel (NOT a new release but recent, and my book-twin LOVED IT and HOLY MOLY it’s screaming my name!!!!) 😮

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Mony: Currently reading Beauty and the Baller by Ilsa Madden-Mills and really enjoying it! Just what I needed…

Tasha J: I finished In My Dreams I Hold a Knife- ugh! So good, I loved it. And I just saw a review for the author’s upcoming August book that has me so looking forward to it, especially after reading this one. I’d love to see it on screen.

Jan: I’m currently reading a different (for me) kind of historical romance. The Falcons of Montabard by Elizabeth Chadwick. It’s set in medieval times and during the Crusades. I don’t know much about the Crusades, and so far it’s really interesting. Excellent writing. A slowly building romance. I’m loving the author’s descriptions and sense of place. Characters are good too.

Carolin: I loved ‘The Falcons Of Montabard’. ‘The Winter Mantle’ is another favourite by Elizabeth Chadwick.


  1. Shadow Fallen: A Dream-Hunter Novel (Dream-Hunter Novels Book 5) | by Sherrilyn Kenyon <— HE HAS MET HER BEFORE… IN HIS DREAMS!! “…For centuries, Ariel has fought the forces of evil. Her task was to protect the souls of innocent mortals when they die. Captured by a powerful sorceress, she is transformed into a human who has no memory of her real life or calling. And is plunked into the middle of the Norman invasion of England. Cursed the moment he was born with a “demonic deformity,” Valteri wants nothing of this earth except to depart it and will do his duty to his king until then. When a strange noblewoman is brought before him, Valteri realizes he has met her before…in his dreams...”
  2. Honor of the Witch (Witches of Keating Hollow Book 12) by Deanna Chase
  3. Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff by Lexi George
  4. Saint Death’s Daughter by C. S. E. Cooney <— SHE HAS A GIFT FOR NECROMANCY!! “…Born with a gift for necromancy and a literal allergy to violence, she was raised in isolation in the family’s crumbling mansion by her oldest friend, the ancient revenant Goody Graves. When her parents are murdered, it falls on Lanie and her cheerfully psychotic sister Nita to settle their extensive debts or lose their ancestral home—and Goody with it...”
  5. Cloaked in Scarlet: Little Red Riding Hood Reimagined (Tales of Winberg Book 2) by Annette K. Larsen
  6. Lust: Book Two of The Seven Sin Series (The Seven Sins Series 2) by Drethi Anis
  7. Vengeance (Fated Sight Book 4) by Elle Lincoln


  1. Behind Closed Doors: A Rochester Novella by Skye Warren <— SKYE WARREN ALERT!! HER PAST WANTS HER DEAD!! “…Marjorie Dunn is hiding in plain sight. The past can’t find her at the peaceful inn she owns in a quiet coastal town in Maine. Until Sam Brewer walks through the door. He arrives in the dead of night, with a dark suit and storm-gray eyes. Marjorie knows better than to trust this stranger, but she can’t resist his touch…”
  2. Mist and Marrow (Breaking Tradition Book 2) by Mary Calmes <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  3. Montana Reunion (McCutcheon Family Series Book 11) by Caroline Fyffe
  4. Love Letters by the Sea (Siren’s Retreat Quartet Book 4) by Erica Ridley
  5. Royally Remembered: A Royally Series Companion Novella (The Royally Series Book 6) | by Emma Chase <— NOT A STANDALONE!! “…In this collection of short stories, set during the time period of the Royally books and beyond, we explore the moments that helped shape these characters into the irresistible heroes and heroines readers have come to know and cherish...”
  6. Walker (Grim Sinners MC Originals Book 4) by LeAnn Ashers
  7. West (Billionaire Ranch Book 4) by Vanessa Vale
  8. With a Twist (A Swizzle Stick Romance Book 3) by Georgia Beers
  9. UNDER FIRE: Knoxville FBI – Book Two by Liz Bradford
  10. Sins of the Orchid : Mafia Romance by Eva Winners
  11. Just the Two of Us by Jo Wilde <— MARITAL STRIFE & LOCKDOWN ALERT!! “…Julie and Michael Marshall have stayed together through thick and thin, through better and worse — and, for the last few years, it has mostly been worse. As their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary approaches, Julie realizes something: she doesn’t want to pretend anymore. Divorce papers at the ready, she’s just about to have The Talk with Michael when everything changes. Lockdown begins and Julie and Michael face the greatest terror they can imagine: uninterrupted time with each other…”
  12. The Love You Deserve (Love in the City Book 4) by Jen Morris
  13. Shadow of Hope by Donna Michaels
  14. Falling Embers (The Tattered & Torn Series Book 2) by Catherine Cowles <— BEST FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS!! “…Calder knows what it’s like to almost lose the people he loves most. He’ll never make that kind of mistake again. Working at the fire station and taking care of his daughters are the only things he needs. All it takes is a single moment to make him realize how wrong he is. A split second of coming close to losing the woman he has always loved…”
  15. Broken Bridge (Speak No Evil Trilogy Book 3) | by Nana Malone
  16. Theirs Forever (Mafia Ménage Trilogy Book 4) | by Julia Sykes
  17. My Pet (A Dirty Boss Romance Book 1) by C.M. Steele
  18. Cowboy’s Destiny (Silverstone Dude Ranch Book 9) by April Murdock
  19. Runaway (The Magnussons Book 2) | by Noelle Adams <— RUNAWAY BRIDE!! “…on our wedding day, I suddenly realize that I’m about to marry a stranger. A stranger with endless resources and more power than I’ve ever known. We might be great in bed together, but a marriage needs a lot more. Needs a lot deeper. So I run. I run away from the wedding and leave Elias without a word...”
  20. The Family Reunion (Newport Sisters Book 2) by Grace Meyers
  21. Just Loving Gerald (There is a Season… Book 1) by Calle J. Brookes
  22. Midnight Highlander (Dungeon Singles Night Book 7) by Anya Summers
  23. Detroit Kiss by Rhys Ford
  24. The No-Show by Beth O’Leary <— THREE STRANGERS GOT STOOD UP BY THE SAME MAN!! “…These three women are strangers who have only one thing in common: they’ve all been stood up on the same day, the very worst day to be stood up—Valentine’s Day. And, unbeknownst to them, they’ve all been stood up by the same man. Once they’ve each forgiven him for standing them up, they are all in serious danger of falling in love with a man who may have not just one or two but three women on the go.…”
  25. Pregnant: Who is the Father? (The Big Bad Braddock Brothers) by Lydia Hall
  26. What We Give, What We Take: A Novel by Randi Triant
  27. No Rings Attached: A Novel (Ms. Right Book 2) by Rachel Lacey <— F/F ROMANCE!!!
  28. A Whisper Of Solace: A Tainted Tinseltown Book by Milena McKay <— F/F ROMANCE!!!
  29. Ten Trends to Seduce Your Bestfriend by Penny Reid <— FAKE BEST FRIENDS & TOTAL OPPOSITES!! “…they’ve known each other for years, but they’re not even friendly. Winnie considers them more like casual, distant acquaintances who find each other barely tolerable, especially when he’s being condescending (which is all the time). The truth is, they have nothing in common. She’s a public school science teacher with stars in her eyes, and he’s a pretentious, joyless double PhD turned world-famous bestselling fiction author...”
  30. Wedding Wonderland (Magnolia Sound) by Samantha Chase
  31. Joyce: Brotherhood Protectors World (Boswell Group Book 3) by Deanna L. Rowley
  32. Salem: Fallen Ravens MC by Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez
  33. Funny You Should Ask: A Novel by Elissa Sussman <— HER CELEBRITY CRUSH!! “…she’s hired to write a profile of movie star Gabe Parker: her number one celebrity crush and the latest James Bond. All Chani wants to do is keep her cool and nail the piece. But what comes next proves to be life changing in ways she never saw coming, as the interview turns into a whirlwind weekend that has the tabloids buzzing—and Chani getting closer to Gabe than she had planned. Now. Ten years later, after a brutal divorce and a healthy dose of therapy, Chani is back in Los Angeles as a successful writer with the career of her dreams. Except that no matter what new essay collection or online editorial she’s promoting, someone always asks about The Profile. It always comes back to Gabe…”
  34. Cowgirl Tough (The Raffertys of Last Stand Book 4) by Justine Davis
  35. Wild Side: Obsessed Cowboy~ Billionaire Country Star ~ Second Chance Romance~ Forced Proximity ~Road Trip Romance (Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild) by Adriana French
  36. The Connection: A Single Mom Springbrook Hills Romance (Springbrook Hills Series Book 4) by Morgan Elizabeth
  37. Through The Rain by Shannon Stacey <— MARITAL STRIFE & STRANDED IN A CABIN TOGETHER!! “…Scott Ferguson couldn’t repair his marriage, but he can fix up the cabin before they have to put it on the market. Maybe physical labor will help him sweat out the emotions he can’t seem to express. He never expects to find Emily there by herself. When a spring storm rolls across the lake, taking down trees that block the road, Emily and Scott have no way out. Isolated from the rest of the world, with only each other for company, they can’t escape the feelings still simmering between them…”
  38. Guilt & Redemption by Denise Carbo
  39. The Hummingbird Sanctuary by Erin Zak <— F/F ROMANCE!!
  40. Show Me Forever (The Maxwell Brothers) | by Layla Hagen <— HER NEW LANDLORD & NEIGHBOR!! “...My landlady was this sweet woman who treated me like her granddaughter.
    Then she sold the house. Now the devil himself is my landlord and neighbor since I live in the guesthouse on his property. Declan Maxwell is moody, unreasonable, and takes himself far too seriously. Unfortunately for me, he’s also damn sexy. When he shows up on my doorstep in the middle of the night ordering me to turn down the music, I give him hell...”
  41. Just Enough Magic by Aspen Hadley
  42. Summer at the Cape: A Novel by RaeAnne Thayne
  43. Take Me To The Cabin: A Billionaire, Mountain Man Romance (Mountain Men of Whiskey River Book 2) by Kaci Rose
  44. Only One Forever (Only One Series 8) | by Natasha Madison <— KNOWN EACH OTHER SINCE THEY WERE KIDS!! “…All my memories have Dylan in them. From the first time I fell off my bike, to the time I got my heartbroken for the first time. He’s always been my protector, but it’s time to let the dream of being his go. One last family trip, one last goodbye. Except fate steps in and has other plans…”
  45. In the Shadows of Paradise (A Bahamas Mystery Book 2) by Sage Parker
  46. Saved by Grace: (A Second Chance Romance) (A Cajuns Hockey Romance Book 5) by Jessica McBrayer
  47. Control (The Diamond Empire Book 3) by Kathy Coopmans
  48. Sugar Girl by Emma L McGeown
  49. Good Hands: An Accidental Pregnancy Hockey Romance (Bears Hockey II) by Kelly Jamieson <— SHE MEETS HOCKEY STAR IN ARUBA!! “…I knew after that night in Aruba I’d never see Brandon again. That’s fine; I’m too busy vying for the corner office to make time for relationships. But when our paths cross again in New York, our sizzling attraction leads to “just one more night”. Then another. And another. We never meant to become friends with this many benefits…”
  50. Grudge Match (Amore Matchmaking Book 2) by Pandora Pine
  51. One More Chance: A Friends to Lovers Small Town Romance (Second Chance Harbor Book 2) by Lea Coll
  52. Wrecked: A Curvy Girl Mafia Romance (The Ruined Trilogy) by Nichole Rose
  53. The Romantic Agenda by Claire Kann <— TRYING TO MAKE HER BEST GUY FRIEND JEALOUS! “…Thirty, flirty, and asexual Joy is secretly in love with her best friend Malcolm, but she’s never been brave enough to say so. When he unexpectedly announces that he’s met the love of his life—and no, it’s not Joy—she’s heartbroken. Malcolm invites her on a weekend getaway, and Joy decides it’s her last chance to show him exactly what he’s overlooking. But maybe Joy is the one missing something…or someone…and his name is Fox. Fox sees a kindred spirit in Joy—and decides to help her. He proposes they pretend to fall for each other on the weekend trip to make Malcolm jealous…”
  54. Stiletto Sisterhood by Fallon DeMornay <— BEST FRIENDS!! “…As these young women discover that achieving dreams is often erratic, and drama is as inevitable as adulting, the foundation of their friendship begins to crack, putting their sisterhood to the test...”



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  1. Shadow Fallen: A Dream-Hunter Novel (Dream-Hunter Novels Book 5) | by Sherrilyn Kenyon
  2. Behind Closed Doors: A Rochester Novella by Skye Warren
  3. Royally Remembered: A Royally Series Companion Novella (The Royally Series Book 6) | by Emma Chase
  4. Just the Two of Us by Jo Wilde
  5. Falling Embers (The Tattered & Torn Series Book 2) by Catherine Cowles
  6. The No-Show by Beth O’Leary
  7. Show Me Forever (The Maxwell Brothers) | by Layla Hagen
  8. Summer at the Cape: A Novel by RaeAnne Thayne
  9. Only One Forever (Only One Series 8) | by Natasha Madison
  10. With a Twist (A Swizzle Stick Romance Book 3) by Georgia Beers
  11. Saint Death’s Daughter by C. S. E. Cooney
  12. Funny You Should Ask: A Novel by Elissa Sussman
  13. No Rings Attached: A Novel (Ms. Right Book 2) by Rachel Lacey
  14. The Hummingbird Sanctuary by Erin Zak
  15. The Romantic Agenda by Claire Kann

PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )

  1. Devil’s Angel (Paradise Book 1) by Julie Capulet – Apr 14, 2022
  2. Her Last Betrayal: The most thrilling and gripping WW2 novel you need to read this year by Pam Lecky | Apr 14, 2022
  3. You Had Me at Halloumi by Ginger Jones | Apr 14, 2022
  4. Viking by Carmen Jenner – April 16 2022
  5. High Stakes (High Mountain Trackers Book 2) by Freya Barker – April 18th 2022
  6. One Way Back to Me (The Wilder Brothers Book 1) | by Carrie Ann Ryan – April 18th 2022
  7. The Unknown Beloved by Amy Harmon – April 19th 2022
  8. Gossamer in the Darkness: A Fantasyland Novella by Kristen Ashley | Apr 19, 2022
  9. Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez | Apr 19, 2022
  10. Filthy Hot Billionaire by Nicole Edwards | Apr 19, 2022
  11. Alpha Unbound (Feral Pack Book 1) | by Eve Langlais | Apr 19, 2022
  12. Meant to Be (Twist of Fate Book 1) | by Jennifer Probst | Apr 19, 2022
  13. Painful by S.C. Stephens | Apr 19, 2022
  14. All Tied Up: a standalone by Lisa Renee Jones | Apr 19, 2022
  15. Rattle Some Cages (Battle Crows MC Book 3) | by Lani Lynn Vale | Apr 19, 2022
  16. These Dead Promises: A Darling Hill Duet: Book Two | by L A Cotton | Apr 19, 2022
  17. The Reluctant Bride by Monica Murphy | Apr 19, 2022
  18. Just One Dare: The Dirty Dares (The Kingston Family Book 5) | by Carly Phillips
  19. Crying Wolfe (A Goode Girls Romance Book 5) by Kerrigan Byrne Crying Wolfe (A Goode Girls Romance Book 5) by Kerrigan Byrne
  20. Drop Dead Gorgeous by Rachel Gibson | Apr 19, 2022
  21. Code Name: Revenge (Jameson Force Security Book 9) | by Sawyer Bennett | Apr 19, 2022
  22. Beautiful: A Novel by Danielle Steel | Apr 19, 2022
  23. Master of Fortune (Gods of Vegas Book 6) by Sienna Snow | Apr 21, 2022
  24. Checking You Out: A Second Chance Small Town Romance (Green Valley Library Book 10) | by Ann Whynot | Apr 21, 2022
  25. It Takes a Woman: A Modern Marriage of Convenience (Scorned Women Society Book 4) | byPiper Sheldon – Apr 21, 2022
  26. Unwanted by Marley Valentine | Apr 21, 2022
  27. The Ties That Bind (Fraser Crime Syndicate Book 2) | by Jessica Ames | Apr 22, 2022
  28. The Secrets to Heartbreak: A Brother’s Best Friend Romance (The Heartbreak Series Book 2) | by Brittany Taylor | Apr 22, 2022
  29. Kismet (Happy Endings Book 3) | by Lauren Blakely | Apr 22, 2022
  30. Looking by Katrina Jackson | Apr 22, 2022

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