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Many Places to Help Around the World

I don’t have a sufficient lexicon with which to attempt to summarize everything that is going on right now.

Shit is fucked in myriad ways; here are some ways you can help.

Important note 1: We’ve been collecting resources and have tried to verify as many as we can when possible. If you know of a donation option that isn’t listed here, please do add it in the comments. (And if your comment is flagged, it’s likely because of links. I’ve adjusted the settings, but it can be finicky.  I’ll be watching the moderation queue, so no worries.)

Important note 2: As my former senator Cory Booker has said, Don’t let your inability to do everything undermine your determination to do something.

Nothing going sideways right now can be stopped or fixed by one of us, but we can work in small ways to help those are who are immediately involved, affected, and in need of assistance. And we can take care of each other.

By all means, do think locally, too. I know my local mutual aid societies are collecting funds for arriving refugees from several places around the world, and chances are there is a local mutual aid near you that would love a hand.

From Sneezy, and her amazing friend Merelhyn who works with refugees in France, a few tips:

In terms of financial support, small, steady donations are more helpful than supplies or a one time larger sum. Donating an amount you can afford, a dollar for example, on a monthly basis is better than donating sporadically, such as a one time donation of $20.

By having regular donations they know they can depend on, organizations will know what their regular budget is, and this empowers them to make concrete plans for how they will support and defend migrants. In Merelhyn’s words, “The regularity itself is a gift.”

As a rule, cash donations are always better than buying and sending supplies. Organizations with sufficient funds are able to buy much more supplies, orders of magnitude more, than what you would be able to as an individual. Established organizations will be able to stretch your money much further.

Ok, strap in, because we’ve got links. There are many, many options (because there are many, many problems).

Ukraine Aid and Global Refugee Support


Trans Youth and LGBTQ+ Support 

What organizations have you supported that you recommend?

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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