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Monday Early Bird Book Releases – 03-28-2022

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!! I know I’m especially late this morning but it’s ’cause I’m riveted at all of the posts on the Oscars last night (You know what I’m talking about). 😉 I can’t stop reading the comments on the situation as a whole… but I’m here now and ready to discover new books!! 😀


1.) I totally missed the Oscars yesterday… so I woke up to some crazy news… yikes!! Can’t stop reading about it…

2.) I was going to watch horror movies yesterday (had a few lined up and ready to go…) and then instead I fell asleep early. I was really looking for to this specific horror duet that had my attention. (Lovely Molly & The Exorcism of Molly Hartley). Both movies have 4 out of 5 stars as an average and that’s enough for me to give it a go (since horror is notorious for terrible star ratings). 😂

3.) I went to an AMAZING restaurant this weekend (Michael’s on East) in Sarasota, and had a great time (they have amazing service and staff and the “maitre d” – or is he the manager? – is hilarious and super cool). Unfortunately I was not in the least bit hungry so I grazed on stuff and chose something small and light (a Mediterranean medley type thing with pita bread triangles and nice big slices of English cucumbers, and 3 different dip thingies – one of feta cheese, one Baba Ganoush & one hummus, that I couldn’t even finish).  It was delicious. But I couldn’t even eat that. *sigh*

P.S. When they bring you a basket of bread before you even order, and the basket contains FRESH & WARM Walnut Raisin bread, two things of fresh, warm white bread, and a whole bunch of big super-thin chick pea and caraway seed crisps (also warm) drizzled in olive oil (plus of course all the butter on the side for the rest), let’s just say this “low carb girl” was struggling. <— LOL!!! And yes, I did eat a piece of the raisin bread and I DID eat a few of those chickpea crispy bread thingies. They tasted soooooo weird (I think it’s the caraway seeds) but I loved them anyway.

P.P.S. The men had humongous steaks, perfectly seasoned. Perfectly cooked. <— That would have been my choice had I actually been hungry. *sigh again*


  1. Say It’s Forever by A.L. Jackson <— A.L. JACKSON!!! I LOVE THIS AUTHOR! SHE NEEDS A JOB & HE NEEDS THE HELP! “…Jud Lawson found me stranded in the rain. “Broken down on the side of the road in a deserted neighborhood with my piece of crap car. I wasn’t looking for a hero, and definitely not one who looks like him. An obscenely hot, mountain-of-a-man who screams danger. But I have little choice other than climbing onto the back of his bike...”
  2. Forced Bonds (The Bonds that Tie Book 4) by J Bree
  3. Love You Wrong: Friends to Lovers Office Romance Romantic Comedy Prequel by Julia Kent
  4. Her Falcon (Shifted Love Series Book 7) by Fiona Davenport
  5. Dead Drop (The Guild Book 2) by Tate James <— SHE’S A MERCENARY!! “…All I’ve ever known is the Guild. They clothed me, fed me, raised me. They trained me. And in return I became their perfect weapon, their loyal soldier, their deadly asset. For as long as I can remember, the Guild has been my life. But now, it’s about to become my death. Not everyone is cut out to be a mercenary. I’ve watched countless colleagues fail in their missions and pay the ultimate price. I’ve watched peers lose their minds with the weight of the work we do, and pay with their lives to keep our secrets. I never thought I would become one of them…”
  6. Love’s Treasure: Navy SEAL Dives Deep for Love (Sunset SEALs Book 7) by Sharon Hamilton
  7. Kisses of a Rebel Rogue (The Duchess’s Investigative Society Book 5) by Samantha Holt
  8. Taken By A Sinner: A Greek Mafia Romance by Michelle Heard
  9. All The Write Moves: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel: My So-Called Mystical Midlife Book Three by Robyn Peterman <— WHOOOOPS! SHE WROTE A BOOK & NOW HER FRIENDS ARE IN HELL! “…Going to Hell has never been on my bucket list… until now. The fact that I can speak that sentence without laughing or losing my mind is absurd. However, my life has veered into a very tricky tale that rivals any of my books. The villain has been banished. I’ve written her right into an infernal doom. Unfortunately, a few of my very dear friends, fictional and real, have been caught up in the horror story and they’ve taken the trip down under as well…”
  10. Nope, Nada, Never (Three of Me Book 1) by Sedona Ashe
  11. Backup Wife (The Jilted Wives Club Book 4) by Bethany Lopez
  12. All the Discord (Needing Harmony Book 1) by Jaliza A. Burwell
  13. Plot Twist by Danielle Allen <— SHE DIDN’T SEE ANY OF IT COMING... “…Breaking up is hard. Breaking up with the love of your life is harder. Falling in love after heartbreak is the hardest. And Kendra Davis didn’t see any of it coming...”
  14. The Un-Arranged Marriage by Laura Brown
  15. States of Love: Alaska Adventurer: A Steamy Forced Proximity Enemies-to-Lovers, Opposites-Attract Mountain Man Romance by Ann Omasta and Callie Love
  16. More Than a Pair of Jeans: A Sweet Small-Town Romantic Comedy (Cowboys of Stargazer Springs Ranch Rom Com Series Book 1) by Remi Carrington
  17. Rock and Troll (Mystical Matchmakers Book 1) by C.C. Wood <— HE’S A TROLL. SHE’S A WOOD NYPH & THEY MEET ON A DATING APP… “…Dylan is a wood nymph who’s tried everything. Even human dating apps. But none of it has worked. Surely punching your date in the nose because he can’t keep his hands to himself is a sign that he’s not right for you. Except there’s a postcard from Mystical Matchmakers in her mailbox. Maybe she can give love another try. Clay is a troll who likes his life just fine. He’s a little lonely, but it’s hard to find a date because…well, the whole troll thing. Then, his meddling, baby-crazy mother signs him up for Mystical Matchmakers…”
  18. Malum Discordiae: An MM Dark Academia Enemies-to-Lovers Paranormal Romance by Ashlyn Drewek
  19. Billionaire Hotshot—Jace: A Single Dad Enemies to Lovers Romance by Scarlett Avery
  20. Stuck with a Date: A Second Chance Romantic Comedy by Georgia Coffman <— HIS EX WINS A DATE WITH HIM! “…It’s all fun and games… until my ex-girlfriend wins a date with me. I only agreed to do the bachelor auction because it’s for a good cause. But I never signed up to go out with the woman who ran out on me, taking our dog—and my heart—with her. At first, I refuse. I don’t trust her, or myself...”



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  1. All The Write Moves: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel: My So-Called Mystical Midlife Book Three by Robyn Peterman

PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )

  1. The Detective’s Daughter by Erica Spindler – March 29th 2022
  2. Just One Wish: A Kingston Family Novella by Carly Phillips – March 29th 2022
  3. Four Aunties and a Wedding by Jesse Q. Sutanto – March 29th 2022
  4. How to Be a Wallflower: A Would-Be Wallflowers Novel by Eloisa James – March 29th 2022
  1. Beauty and the Baller by Ilsa Madden-Mills – March 29th 2022
  2. Searching for Lilly (Eagle Point Search & Rescue Book 1) by Susan Stoker – March 29th 2022
  3. Fear Thy Neighbor by Fern Michaels – March 29th 2022
  4. Falling Hard (Crimson Point Protectors Series Book 1) by Kaylea Cross – March 29th 2022
  5. Song of Scarabs and Fallen Stars: An Egyptian Mythology Time Travel Romance (Fateless Trilogy Book 1)by Lindsey Sparks – March 29th 2022
  6. A Relative Murder (A Medlar Mystery Book 4) by Jude Deveraux – March 29th 2022
  7. Urban Witch by Eve Langlais – March 29th 2022
  8. Foretold: A St. Bastian Institute Novel by L.H. Cosway – March 29th 2022
  9. Love is Grand (Grand Love Book 2) by Rachel Blaufeld – March 29th 2022
  10. Just One Wish: A Kingston Family Novella by Carly Phillips | Mar 29, 2022
  11. Desire’s Addiction by Mari Carr and Lila Dubois – March 29, 2022
  12. King of Midnight: A Midnight Breed Novel by Lara Adrian – March 31st 2022
  13. Forever & Always, Trading Yesterday #4: A friends to lovers, second chance sports romance by Kahlen Aymes – March 31st 2022
  14. The Resistance Girl by Mandy Robotham – March 31st 2022
  15. My Evil Mother: A Short Story by Margaret Atwood – April 1st 2022
  16. Kiwi Gold (New Zealand Ever After Book 4) by Rosalind James – April 1st 2022
  17. Incandescent by Christina Lee | Apr 4, 2022
  18. Seize the Night (The Original Sinners Pulp Library) by Tiffany Reisz – April 5, 2022
  19. Nightingale: An Anthology for Ukraine by Skye Warren – April 5th 2022
  20. Business Not As Usual by Sharon C. Cooper – April 5, 2022
  21. A Family Affair: A Novel by Robyn Carr | Apr 5, 2022
  22. Summer on the Island: A Novel by Brenda Novak | Apr 5, 2022
  23. Gold Lust (Sin Series Book 3)| by Aleatha Romig | Apr 5, 2022
  24. Claimed by the Barbarian Dragon (Crystals, Curves and Castles Book 1) | by Terry Bolryder | Apr 5, 2022
  25. Frozen In Ice by Cynthia Eden | Apr 5, 2022
  26. Crimson Summer by Heather Graham | Apr 5, 2022
  27. Constantly Cotton (The Flophouse) | by Amy Lane | Apr 5, 2022
  28. Room Mated: A Standalone Reverse Harem Romance (Roommates Book 4) by Stephanie Brother | Apr 5, 2022
  29. Lover Arisen (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series Book 20) | by J.R. Ward | Apr 5, 2022
  30. To Marry and to Meddle: A Novel (The Regency Vows Book 3) | by Martha Waters | Apr 5, 2022
  31. The Tangled Sky: A Wild Hunt Adventure (Hedge Dragon Series Book 2) | by Yasmine Galenorn | Apr 5, 2022
  32. The Wedding Crasher: A Novel by Mia Sosa | Apr 5, 2022
  33. Cheaters: A Dark Romance Anthology by Abigail Davies , Cole Denton , et al. | Apr 5, 2022
  34. Speakeasy: A Time Travel Novel (Book 1) by Elyse Douglas | Apr 5, 2022
  35. Boss Witch: An Opposites Attract Paranormal Rom-Com (Fix-It Witches Book 2)| by Ann Aguirre | Apr 5, 2022
  36. Angel Bluff: A Davenport Heiress Mystery by Jill Sanders | Apr 5, 2022
  37. The Close-Up: A friends-to-lovers romcom (I Heart SF Book 1) by Sarah Smith | Apr 5, 2022
  38. Business Not As Usual by Sharon C. Cooper | Apr 5, 2022
  39. The Date from Hell: A Novel (Match Made in Hell Book 2) | by Gwenda Bond | Apr 5, 2022
  40. Girls of Flight City: Inspired by True Events, a Novel of WWII, the Royal Air Force, and Texas by Lorraine Heath | Apr 5, 2022
  41. The Resurrection of Wildflowers (Wildflower Duet Book 2) | by Micalea Smeltzer – April 6th 2022
  42. Antichrist by Amo Jones – April 6th 2022
  43. Famous in a Small Town by Kylie Scott | Apr 7, 2022
  44. Parks and Provocation: An Enemies to Lovers Small Town Romance (Green Valley Heroes Book 2) | by Juliette Cross | Apr 7, 2022
  45. Five of a Kind: Kind Brothers Book 5 | by Sandi Lynn – April 8th 2022
  46. Flirt by Adriana Locke | Apr 8, 2022
  47. The Secret by Max Monroe | Apr 9, 2022
  48. Mansplainer (Last Man Standing Book 3) | by Avery Flynn – April 11, 2022
  49. To My Dad’s Hot Best Friend (The Inappropriate Bachelors Book 7) | by J. S. Cooper – April 11, 2022

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