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Monday Early Bird Book Releases – 04-11-2022

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!! It’s time to build our list of books that released a day early, so keep checking back, as usual. I’ve got an hour or so to go before it’s complete. 🙂


1.) I spent the weekend in Bradenton again. It was fantastic (and I ate at this amazing Philly Cheesesteak place and also The Cheesecake Factory).

2.) I watched both Sicario movies. So good. I love movies and series about drug cartels and all the crazy stories that go with that (law enforcement, family issues etc etc..). YES! Er… wait. In movies!! Only ever in movies and series. And books. LOL!!! 😉 😂

3.) I brought my dogs with me for the weekend, and while one (Hobbit) LOVES car rides and is very calm during them, my sweet Pimmie is usually quite annoying in the car, and desperately wants to whine, can’t sit still, or sit on my lap (which is a big no for me). I can’t snuggle and drive. BUT! I have these special harnesses and seat belts that buckle right into our seatbelt-thingie, and they are magnificent! And in fact, Pimmie enjoyed the ride the entire way. She made me proud.


  1. The Secret by Max Monroe <— OOOOOPS!!! She’s working with him… “…Girl meets Guy. Girl gives Guy her underwear on a dare but nothing else identifying (like her name or number) because she plans to never see Guy again. But Girl does see Guy again, in a very professional setting, where she is to be the Teaching Assistant to his Professor for an entire semester…”
  2. Hero Daddies: Charity Anthology for Ukraine <— ANTHOLOGY!! “…Hero Daddies is a collection of fun and flirty short stories and scenes written by some of your favorite Daddy romance authors. Whether the tales are sweet, sexy, straight, or gay, one thing’s for certain — these growly protective Daddies are HEROES!”
  3. My Big Fat Hairy Wedding: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel: My So-Called Mystical Midlife, Book Four by Robyn Peterman <— WEDDING FROM HELL? “…A forty-something Werewolf supermodel, five supernaturally screwed up bridesmaids, and a demonic mother of the groom determined to ruin the wedding. Awesome…. not...”
  4. Blurred Lines (Unlocked Desire Series) by Mila Crawford <— HE’S OBSESSED WITH MAKING HER PAY! “…He’s a monster. He’s come into my life and taken everything from me. Everything I have ever loved he’s destroyed. Now he wants to control me. To posses me. To make me his. I want to fight, but there’s something in his blue stare that engulfs me and makes me his prisoner…”
  5. Hand Picked (Sunday Brothers Book 2) by May Archer <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  6. Influenced: A Small-Town M/M Romance by Felice Stevens <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  7. Devin’s Boys: Small Town MM Romance by Layla Dorine <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  8. Fake Fiancee For Dragon Shifter (Shifters Fated Mates Book 3) by Brittany White
  9. Blame It On The Whiskey (On The Rocks) by Hope Ford <— MILITARY ROMANCE & SHE’S HAD A CRUSH ON HIM SINCE HIGH SCHOOL!! “…He was the captain of the football team, most popular boy in school and could date any woman he wanted. Now, he’s a big, buff military guy that’s on leave. Then there’s me. Bartender/college student. Voted class nerd in high school – unofficially of course. I went to libraries instead of dances and I have more curves than Parker’s last three girlfriends combined. I’ve always kept my crush on Parker hidden. It’s better that way. Until one night, and I do things that are either going to tear us apart… or bind us forever…”
  10. Enemy Chase: Enemies-to-Lovers standalone romance (Trident Rescue) by A.L. Lidell
  11. Loving the Sheriff (Famous Friends Romances Book 6) by Cami Checketts
  12. Fall of the Stars (In Love and War Book 2) by Monica James <— MUST BE READ IN ORDER! “...I am once again a prisoner to Wessex, captured by King Egbert because holding me hostage will bring them to him—my two Vikings who will risk heaven and earth to save me. But I don’t need saving. I am Princess Emeline, and I was taught by the best, and his name…Skarth the Godless. The man whom I love more than anything in this world. But things begin to blur when Ulf the Bloody reminds me of the promise I made, and that promise is that I belong to him...”
  13. Bulletproof (Shadow Agents Book 4) by Cynthia Eden
  14. Stepbrother Next Door (Meadowfall Professors Book 3) by Anna Wineheart
  15. Locked Down by Allie Hayden <— SHE’S HIS LIVE-IN HOUSEKEEPER!! “...It would be just the two of us alone together for eight months in this great big mansion. Not once did it cross my mind as being risqué. I never expected him to accidentally walk in on me changing—and seeing me naked. But nothing happened because I, Cynthia Bauman, Art History dropout and not-so-proud owner of a 1970’s Sunfire sedan, have sworn Davin is way out of my league…”
  16. The Write to Dance <— ANTHOLOGY!!
  17. Battle of the Heart: A Charity Anthology <— ANTHOLOGY!! “…Battle of the Heart is a collection of short stories centred around the theme of military and war romances. Can love prevail? 100% of the proceeds of Battle of the Heart will be donated to the Red Cross as part of the Ukraine crisis appeal...”
  18. Alpha’s Promise: A Dark Omegaverse Romance (The Clarity Series Book 2) by Cassandra Faye
  19. Checking Out the Librarian by Elsie James
  20. The Player and the Pretender (The Legends Book 4) by Erin McCarthy <— FOOTBALL STAR’S FAKE GIRLFRIEND!! “…Miles Williams was not my target. So when I fall off a balcony and land on his head the last thing I expect is for him to hire me. I may be a private investigator, but the hot, sexy, pro football player wants me to be his girlfriend. Fake girlfriend, that is. He wants to be free of female attention for the last few games of his career before he retires, and some women in his life haven’t gotten the message. It’s not my usual job, but I’m game…”
  21. Highland Reckoning (Of Mist and Mountains Book 2) by Julie Johnstone
  22. Quadruple Daddies: A Firefighter Military Reverse Harem Romance by K.C. Crowne
  23. Diavola: A Dark Mafia Romance (Devil’s Playground #2) (Devil’s Playground Series) by T.A. Fan
  24. GREED: Book One of The Seven Sins Series by Brooklyn Cross <— HE TERRIFIES HER BUT… “…Mineta wanted nothing more than to have a normal life and do something that made her feel proud. Working as a 911 operator gave her that feeling, but there was always something missing from her life. Until one day, she unwittingly became the pawn in a chess match she never knew existed. A deadly war was brewing, one that had been waged for centuries and could mean the end for humanity. Pulled into the middle of this tug-of-war, she met him, Riker. The man was imposing, but the Sin that lived under that sexy exterior was terrifying…”
  25. The Next Worst Thing: A Sweet, Small Town Romantic Comedy (Love in Mirror Valley Book 1) by Sara Jane Woodley



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PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )

  1. Behind Closed Doors: A Rochester Novella by Skye Warren | Apr 12, 2022
  2. Royally Remembered: A Royally Series Companion Novella (The Royally Series Book 6) | by Emma Chase – April 12, 2022
  3. Shadow Fallen: A Dream-Hunter Novel (Dream-Hunter Novels Book 5) | by Sherrilyn Kenyon – April 12, 2022
  4. Just the Two of Us by Jo Wilde | Apr 12, 2022
  5. Falling Embers (The Tattered & Torn Series Book 2) by Catherine Cowles – April 12, 2022
  6. Broken Bridge (Speak No Evil Trilogy Book 3) | by Nana Malone – April 12, 2022
  7. Runaway (The Magnussons Book 2) | by Noelle Adams – April 12, 2022
  8. Theirs Forever (Mafia Ménage Trilogy Book 4) | by Julia Sykes – April 12, 2022
  9. Sweet Obsession: A Contemporary Romance Anthology by Barbra Campbell , Ashley Bostock , et al. | Apr 12, 2022
  10. The No-Show by Beth O’Leary | Apr 12, 2022
  11. Ten Trends to Seduce Your Bestfriend by Penny Reid | Apr 12, 2022
  12. What We Give, What We Take: A Novel by Randi Triant – April 12, 2022
  13. Show Me Forever (The Maxwell Brothers) | by Layla Hagen – April 12, 2022
  14. Summer at the Cape: A Novel by RaeAnne Thayne – April 12th 2022
  15. Only One Forever (Only One Series 8) | by Natasha Madison – April 12th 2022
  16. Devil’s Angel (Paradise Book 1) by Julie Capulet – Apr 14, 2022
  17. Her Last Betrayal: The most thrilling and gripping WW2 novel you need to read this year by Pam Lecky | Apr 14, 2022
  18. You Had Me at Halloumi by Ginger Jones | Apr 14, 2022
  19. Viking by Carmen Jenner – April 16 2022
  20. High Stakes (High Mountain Trackers Book 2) by Freya Barker – April 18th 2022
  21. One Way Back to Me (The Wilder Brothers Book 1) | by Carrie Ann Ryan – April 18th 2022

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