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Orange Monochromatic Garden Color Palettes – Farmside Landscape & Design


Orange Monochromatic Garden Color Palettes

Creating a garden based on a single color (a monochromatic color palette) can be visually dynamic, especially if you choose a vibrant hue like orange. An orange monochromatic garden is like a sunset for your landscape. Ranging from the bold and dramatic to a soft, warm glow of color, options can include everything from intense tangerine to pastel peach or muted terra cotta.


Here are some choices we love when looking to create an orange monochromatic color scheme in your garden:


Trees That Accent an Orange Hue

  • Red Maple “October Glory”
  • Sugar Maple “Legacy”
  • Japanese Maple “Orange Dream”
  • Serviceberry “Autumn Brilliance”
  • Black Tupelo “Jolly”
  • American Sweetgum


Shrubs with Orange Coloring

  • Azalea “Gibraltar”
  • American Bittersweet


Orange Colored Groundcovers

  • Sun Rose “Henfield Brilliant”
  • Golden Sedum “Firestorm”


Orange Perennials

  • Tiger Lily
  • Chinese Lantern
  • Dwarf Rose “Apricot Clementine”
  • Agastache Kudos™ “Kudos Mandarin”
  • Coreopsis “Desert Coral”
  • Butterfly Weed “Tuberosa”
  • Blanket Flower “Sunset Orange”
  • Desert Coral Coreopsis (Tickseed)


Orange Annuals

  • Calendula “Ball’s Orange”
  • Nasturtium “Orange Gleam”
  • Roseform Begonia “Apricot”
  • Gerbera Daisy “Atomic Tangerine”


In case you missed it, please be sure to check out our introduction to Monochromatic Color Palettes for the Garden post that focused on Red Monochromatic Gardens!


Main Image Credit – Helianthemum ‘Henfield Brilliant’ (Rock Rose) (

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