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Proven Winners’ New Plants for 2022 – Farmside Landscape & Design


Proven Winners’ New Plants for 2022

Fresh colors, enhanced vigor and improved growing habits are just some of the exciting features to look forward to in some of the new plant offerings Proven Winners has in store for 2022. Take a look at what’s ahead:



  • String Theory Amsonia Blue Star” is a compact version of the industry standard Amsonia hubrichtii, covered with light periwinkle blue flowers in late spring. It flowers later than “Storm Cloud.”


  • Stand by Me Lavender” offers dark purple buds that open to lavender purple, bell-shaped, nodding flowers. This plant benefits from staking, cages, or neighboring plants for support.


  • Boom Chocolatta” is a vigorous Geranium with rich, dark, bronze leaves, an upright habit and blue-purple flowers that cover the top in early summer.


  • Evening Gown” is a Heuchera with huge, 6”, glossy black leaves with incredible ruffled margins that make it a standout for any landscape or container.


  • At only 3-3½’ tall, “Edge of Night” is Proven Winners’ most compact Hibiscus to date. Jet black foliage showcases impressive, 7”-8” bubblegum pink flowers that have overlapping petals and darker pink veining for a dramatic 3-D effect.


  • Hope Springs Eternal” Hosta boasts blue, heart-shaped, horizontal leaves with crisp, creamy white margins. A most notable feature is the plant’s incredible ruffling on the leaves that undulate all the way to the pointed tips.


  • New to the ROCK ‘N GROW® collection, comes an upright Sedum with near-black leaves, “Back in Black.” The plant offers dark leaf foliage throughout the summer with cream petal flowers that have deep, garnet-red centers appearing towards the end of the season.


  • Berried Treasure” strawberries have restrained runners, which make growing them in containers easy, though they’ll do just as well in the landscape. Since these are day-length neutral, you can enjoy their semi-double, pink flowers in addition to their tasty fruit.


  • Leading Lady Razzberry” Bee Balm (featured above as the main image of this blog) produces bright, raspberry-purple flowers on dark green leaves that have a purple cast and dark bracts. It flowers in early summer.


Main Image Photo Credit: ‘Leading Lady Razzberry’ – Bee Balm – Monarda hybrid | Proven Winners

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