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Reader Question – Looking for more gothic erotic romance recommendations…

Sonia is looking for more books like this one! I don’t even know that I “know” gothic erotic romance. Though I think maybe one book I read many years ago (early indie days) was exactly that. About a painting… very popular author (back in our early indie days).

She’s in a mansion (I think she’s being painted?), and he is reclusive, obviously wealthy… and his dead wife haunts him. Or was it her? (internally? externally? I can’t remember 😉 OR I won’t say).

GAH!! I’m trying to remember… gorgeous cover… a woman in a silk negligee… and a mirror. Now here I have my own reader question started. *sigh*

OMG I remember now!!! I got lucky because I saw a comment on my review mentioning it sounds “gothic”. I’ll post it below in our recommendations. 😀

She asks:

Help me out guys.

I’ve read a book called Gothikana by Runyx.

Now I need another book just like that gothic – erotic romance.

It needs to be erotic romance too because I loved the spice, hotness between Vad and Corvina. Oh my lord Vad he’s the perfect hero. Infact I want hubby like him. He’s so swoon worthy. Handsome, alpha, broody, mysterious, empathic, unconditionally loving , protectative. Oh I could go on and on.

Apart from Vad I liked the creepiness element of the story and mystery. But it was still a romance so the mystery/creepiness didn’t become the story. Like that was the whole focus.

What I mean is I want a gothic romance not a gothic book with a sprinkle of romance and full focus of mystery.

Can anyone give me recommendations?

Anyone have recommendations?

Maryse: This is the one I was trying desperately to remember!! Blind Obsession by Ella Frank. Here’s my book review.

DA: The review makes it sound almost gothic – so now I have to read 🙂

Maryse: Right off the bat, I’m going to say this series (but it’s more of a historical gothic romance, not so much steam, but definite forbidden love – he’s her professor – and slow burn – might be a bit slow going at first – at least it was for me, but I got into it!):

Kathy: Samantha Young’s Here with Me …It takes place in Scotland and has that gothic romance feel. I definitely recommend this one.

From past comments on the blog recommending “gothic books”

Tasha J: I’ve been wondering how to decipher what makes “gothic” style. I’m bad with narrowing down specifics of genres. But, I’m reading The Lighthouse Witches, which a blogger described as gothic suspense. Now, I remember Mexican Gothic described as gothic thriller or horror. So, what exactly is gothic?

Jane: Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. Gothic angst, betrayal, love and lies all rolled into one unforgettable book.

bev: Makes me want to re-read Rebecca. …I think it is more atmospheric gothic.

Jan: I just read The Widow of Rose House by Diana Biller which is a gothic style historical romance with ghosts, (but not scary ones). Now I see The Brightest Star in Paris is out, which looks like it’s about a brother from the hero of the first book. And more ghosts, I suspect. I just might have to try it 😀

Nay: I gobbled up the Graveyard Queen series! I love the Southern Gothic feel it has to it! I wish I could find another like it. …The h is a cemetery restorer, and the storyline deals with ghosts and spirits in a Southern Gothic setting and also has some romance and angst (enough to keep me happy). I rec’d them to a friend, and she’s zoomed through all 6 in a couple of weeks.

Jan: As a teen I really loved Ann McCaffrey’s Dragonflight series. It’s a really interesting case, because it reads like a wonderful gothic fantasy, with telepathic dragons etc. But as you read on in the series, it becomes more and more overt that it’s actually sci-fi, not fantasy. These are humans on another planet that lost touch with Earth aeons ago and have developed their own creatures (through science!) and created a new mythology.

Lisa: I read The Night Circus in hard cover format a few years ago and it is absolutely beautiful. I can’t even describe the genre it’s like a dark gothic noir fairytale. The imagery is amazing and completely absorbing. Centred around a Victorianesque magical circus. It is dark though and from what I remember heart breaking too. There is intrigue and mystery and of course love.

Kimberly: My favorite star crossed lovers are Celia and Marco from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Lieve: If you ever have the time and chance, maybe you should read ‘the night circus’ of Erin Morgenstern. I’ve never read a story more beautiful! Not easy, but heartbreaking!

Michelle: I like the gothic feel in books – SK Epperson comes to mind for me when I think of good examples of gothic reads. I think Green Lake is still free and has a great gothic vibe.

bev: Nocte. I don’t want to say too much. I had some problems while reading. MichelleS touched on them, but thinking on it they really make sense. I did like it. I like those books or movies that you throw theories at. I mentioned it twice before but liked the gothic touches perfect for this time of year. I’d say read it, totally blind. In the beginning I was even trying to guess what sub genre it was, lol. …I do like the gothic feel to it as I was not expecting that going in.

Jean: Verum is much darker and creepier than Nocte and I liked that!

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