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Reader Question – The book about the Hero that owns a ranch who’s father was once an actor and made a film about his own love story…

Linda needs our book help! Okay I’m having a hard time making a title out of this one, so I hope I get this right. 😉

She asks:


I need your help to find this book that I read a few years ago that I really liked but unfortunately I don’t remember much.

It’s the story of a man whose name is Jackson I believe and I remember that he lost his father who was an actor (I believe the author had written a book before their son’s story on the story of his parents – how they meet and fall in love,…),

…he is in love with a girl he grew up with but he pushes her away all the time because he is afraid. He has a ranch and the father had made a film about his love’s story with his wife.

I’m sorry but as I said I don’t remember much, please help me.

Thank you in advance!

Anyone have a guess?

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