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Reader Question – The book about the mafia daughter & the politician that wants her for revenge against her father…

Eden is looking for this one! And yep, Eden… you’ve come to the right place! 😀

She asks:

Is this where I ask if anyone can remember the name of a book? I’ve gone through my kindle history and can’t find it.

It’s a mafia book where the heroine (mafia daughter) meets the H at a formal dinner and he’s a politician (he becomes president at the end) and he wants her for revenge against her father.

He thinks she’s been with all the mafia men, but she’s not and he treats her pretty bad until he figures that out.

I also think his bio mom is his maid?

Ends with her in a garden with their kids moving to Washington DC.

It’s driving me crazy 🙂 Any help would be appreciated 🙂

Thanks you!!

Anyone have a guess?

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