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Reader Question – The book where he pierced her nipple and tells her he’s the only one who’s gonna pierce her…

Bec is looking for this one! Ohhhhhhh MEGA ALPHA MALE in this one! YUMMMM!!!! Sheeeeeesh soooooo bossy! Though being flung over a shoulder and taken out unwillingly wouldn’t be cool in real life… but I’m thinking this scene would be so much fun to read!

She asks:

Hi Maryse,

You have helped me a few times before, hoping your fabulous followers can help again. The Facebook group I’m in is looking for a book name that has been posted in 3 groups with no luck.

I think its a MC book.

I can remember that the h goes to get her nipple pierced and the H pierces it using a bar with his initials i think SW??

She does to get the 2nd one done by someone else and H goes over there and throws her over his shoulder and walking out he’s telling her he’s one only one who’s gonna pierce her.

thanks in advance.

Anyone have a guess?

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