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Reader Question – The paranormal reverse harem book about the bullies at school and she’s a fae without wings!

Cara needs our book help! Oh just enough detail here that I’m sure someone will know it. I am not well versed in Reverse Harem. 😉

She asks:


RE: Help Find a RH book

You and your readers are so good at solving book mysteries and thought you might be able to help me.

I’m in search of a reverse harem book series with a paranormal twist. It’s upper YA or New Adult, I believe since it takes place in a school.

It starts as a bully romance and involves a school for Fairies. I remember the main protagonist is a fairy without wings which is what causes her to be picked on. A big part of the story is that the wings are what “mates” them together and even without wings she gets mated to four or five of the boys.

Definitely has a bit of a darker tone to it, and at times gets a bit explicit.

Thanks for your help!

Anyone have a guess?

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