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Red Monochromatic Color Palettes for the Garden – Farmside Landscape & Design


Red Monochromatic Color Palettes for the Garden

As noted in our previous post (see Color in the Garden), a monochromatic color scheme focuses on a single color. Color sets the mood of a garden, so with a monochromatic palette, the result can be soft and soothing as with a pastel pink garden, timeless and elegant as with a white garden or bright and bold as with a red or orange garden.


When creating a monochromatic garden (or any color garden!) think in terms of color tone (pastels vs. brights), plant size, shape, texture and bloom times for a show of continuous color. Also, take into account the color of elements in your space that currently exist, such as your home’s exterior color, roof color, color of walkways, hardscapes, and existing plantings such as shrubs and trees (e.g., blue spruces or the color that deciduous trees turn in the fall).


We’ll be presenting a series of plant options to consider for monochromatic gardens by color, starting here with the color red:


Red – While a monochromatic garden typically evokes a sense of serenity, an all-red garden can also instill a sense of drama, especially since it works as a complementary color to all the surrounding green (grass, trees, shrubs, etc.).


Trees:                          Redbud, Japanese Maple, Photinia, Red Maple, Red-Leaf Euphorbia


Shrubs:                        Red Twig Dogwood, Burning Bush, Japanese Barberry, Red Smokebush, ‘Autumn Fire’ Azalea, ‘Black Cherry,’ Floribunda Rose, ‘Flamingo Cranberry Red’ Chrysanthemum, ‘Super Red®’ Flowering Quince


Groundcovers:             ‘Dragon’s Blood’ Sedum, Red Creeping Phlox, Red Groundcover Rose, Red Creeping Thyme


Perennials:                  Oriental Poppy, ‘Red Dynasty’ Tulip, ‘Fanal Red’ Astilbe, ‘Kismet Red’ Coneflower, ‘, Cardinal Flower, ‘The Governor’ Double Red Anemone


Annuals:                      ‘Boldy Dark Red’ Geranium, ‘Aladdin Red’ Petunia, ‘Infinity Red’ Impatiens, ‘Superbena Red’ Verbena, ‘Monaco’ Amaryllis, ‘Revolution Red’ Gerber Daisy, ‘Tornado Red’ Cockscomb, ‘Doris Day’ Dahlia


Main Image Credit: Coccineus Red Creeping Thyme Thymus Praecox – Proven Winners

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