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The Fifty Shades Anniversary Cover is Here, and It’s…Something.

When we received the news that the Fifty Shades of Grey 10th Anniversary Edition was coming out and we saw the cover, we immediately had questions:

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50 Shades 10th Anniversary Edition. A navy blue cover with silvery grey text for the title and author name. There's an image of a drawn whip but the handle looks like a tampon and the whip strands are thin and curly.

Sarah: That is a tampon.

Kiki: …that tampon must have come out with some force.

Also, someone has to have tied decorative ribbons to tampons before, right?

Tara: I see a dildo octopus.

Or is it a handle for a little girl’s bike with streamers?

Amanda: A ribbon dancer?

Sneezy: OOOOOOH It’s supposed to be a cat o’ nine tails!! …maybe?!

What impact play can you do with that?

AJ: You know those smell lines that come off of pies in old cartoons?

What do you think it looks like? Are you on team tampon or something else?

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