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Whatcha Reading? August 2022, Part Two

Beautiful English style garden with comfortable hammock on sunny dayAugust is almost over, which means we get to wrap up our second Whatcha Reading for the month!

Lara: For me, reading a historical romance is like pushing the reset button. So I’m in the early chapters of Sophie Irwin’s A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting ( A | BN | K | AB ) and it’s doing the job. I just finished Only Bad Options by Jennifer Estep (which I loved) ( A | BN | K | AB ) and gearing up for The Heretic Royal by G.A. Aiken. ( A | BN | K | AB ) I’m dangerously excited for that book!

Shana: I just finished That Time I Got Drunk and Yeeted a Love Potion at a Werewolf by Kimberly Lemming. ( A ) Now I’m pouting because I’ve read all her books. Next up is Of Charms, Ghosts, and Grievances by Aliette de Bodard. ( A | BN | K | AB ) I must admit that I chose it entirely because I loved the cover.

Elyse: I just finished Fallen Star by Susannah Nix which has a former child star as the hero. I enjoyed it up until the end when the entire conflict is resolved in one conversation that frankly could have been a text. But if you want conflict light celebrity romance it might be your thing

Sarah: I’m reading The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches ( A | BN | K | AB ) and it is charming af.

Sneezy: Is anyone still reading True Beauty? I looked ahead on the Korean version of the website and I have ants in my pants for the English version to update!

Tara: I’m reading Kissed by Her, ( A ) which is Chelsea Cameron’s latest. It’s an f/f contemporary that’s basically The Parent Trap, except the nanny and the wicked potential stepmother get together. I’m really enjoying it so far!

How are you wrapping up this month of reading? Let us know below!

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