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Yellow Monochromatic Garden Color Palettes – Farmside Landscape & Design


Yellow Monochromatic Garden Color Palettes

Want a garden that looks like it’s kissed with perpetual sunshine? A monochromatic color scheme of yellow just might be your answer. Whether you envision a soft sweep of pale buttery blooms or a burst of lemony brilliance, the result will be a cheery garden guaranteed to generate smiles. Try introducing some of these sunny beauties into your landscape to keep things bright even on the cloudiest days:


Image Credit: PixaBay – Forsythia

Trees That Accent a Yellow Hue

  • Ginko Biloba “Autumn Gold”
  • American Tulip Tree
  • Silver Maple
  • Honeylocust


Yellow Colored Shrubs

  • Forsythia “Northern Gold”
  • Witch Hazel “Hamamelis Mollis”
  • Northern Spice Bush
  • Golden Euonymus
  • Winter Jasmine


Winter Jasmine - Farmside Landscape & Design

Image Credit: PixaBay – Winter Jasmine

Yellow Groundcovers

  • Basket of Gold “Variegata”
  • Stonecrop “Angelina”
  • Hardy Yellow Ice Plant
  • Wooly Yarrow “Little Moonshine”


Yellow Perennials

  • Coreopsis “Sunburst”
  • Yarrow “Coronation Gold”
  • Yellow Chamomile


Yellow Annuals

  • Marigold “Bali Yellow”
  • Sunflower “Lemon Queen”
  • Black-Eyed Susan “Denver Daisy”


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Main Image Credit: PixaBay – Sunflowers

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