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Yellow & Violet Gardens – Complementary Color Schemes – Farmside Landscape & Design


Yellow & Violet Gardens – Complementary Color Schemes

When it comes to complementary color pairings for the garden (those hues opposite from one another on the color wheel), few are more vibrant and eye-catching as yellow and violet. Whether you opt for the drama of brilliant yellow set against deep aubergine, a classic spring palette of soft butter and gentle lilac or any combo in between, a yellow and violet garden is guaranteed to be a scene-stealer in your landscape. Incorporate a variety of textures and heights (taller plantings in the back) for lush results. Some plants to consider:


Purple Garden Accents
Purple Annuals

  • Calibrachoa “Holy Smokes”
  • Sweet Alyssum “Blushing Princess”
  • Geranium “Purple Cranesbill”
  • Ranunculus “Purple Sensation”

Bloomerang Purple Lilac Monrovia – Farmside Landscape & Design


Purple Perennials

  • Nepeta “Purrsian Blue”
  • Veronica “Royal Rembrandt”
  • Dames Rocket “Violet”
  • Lavender “Hidcote”


Purple Shrubs

  • Lilac “Bloomerang”
  • Wisteria “Caroline”
  • Smokebush “Royal Purple”


Purple Groundcovers

  • Vinca/Common Periwinkle
  • Lamium “Orchid Frost”
  • Creeping Thyme “Purple Carpet”



Yellow Garden Accents
Yellow Annuals

  • Sunflowers “Happy Days”
  • Nasturtium
  • Marigold
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Calibrachoa “Superbells Yellow”
Sunflowers - Farmside Landscape & Design

Main Image Credit: PixaBay – Sunflowers


Yellow Perennials

  • Stella De Oro Daylily
  • Coreopsis Citrine
  • Achillea Coronation Gold
  • Rose “Julia Child”


Yellow Shrubs


Yellow Groundcovers

  • Yellow Alyssum
  • Stonecrop “Angelina”
  • Hardy Yellow Ice Plant
  • Spring Cinquefoil

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